Internship supervision tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh my, I've abandoned my blog for another week, again.

These few days I am totally exhausted with my working life, hence it brought me to the laziness to blog *KILL MEH NOW* Lolol. How can it not be tiring when I am needed to pack and carry stocks every single day. And for Christ sake, the 140kgs+ stocks that I blogged about last time? Came again yesterday evening, Just right before I'm leaving my work for that day. -.-

Anyway, Yesterday, during lunch hour I received a call from someone that have a very good voice and what make me like this person so much in just a second of time is that he pronounced my full name correctly! :D b-b-b-ingo! Well, that's not the main point actually. The main point is, It was someone from my Varsity. He introduced himself as Dr. Azmi.

And It make me stunned for awhile.

Dr. Azmi is my Industrial Training Supervisor that I have never meet before during my entire four semesters studying Diploma in UPSI and he called to informed me that he would like to come over my Workplace to evaluate me. Owh Am Gee. LOL.

He asked when it will be the right time for him to come over to evaluate me and I told him that he can visit me tomorrow(which is today), around 9 in the morning. And I have forgotten that today is actually a public holiday for Nuzul Al-Quran. *Oh damn*

Thanks to my colleague for reminding me about the Holiday and I called Dr Azmi as soon as I am reminded about it.

So in the end, Dr. Azmi decided to come over this coming Wednesday at 9 in the Morning.

I Hope everything goes well tomorrow! Amen. :D

Before I end this post,


All right, Till next time. I need to write my report for last Friday and yesterday.

- See you when I see you - 

- Dougy W.W -

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