Getting Excited for NX Mini.

Monday, July 21, 2014

It is quite hazy here in Kuala Lumpur these few days and it feels very hot and stuffy. -.- Some more, it is quite hard to breathe with this kind of smoky air.

I was having lunch with my colleagues this afternoon and the restaurant is already pack inside. As it usually have tables on the outside and this time they don't, we opened two tables by ourselves. Self service la kan. Lolol. Like my own restaurant only. wtf.

We sat right near the road side, and coincidentally, the sunlight are blocked by the shop lots. Yet, we can still feel the heat, burning up our soul. (lolol. too over. pardon me.)

Anyway, I'm getting a new camera soon! (yay!) I am so so excited! Hahaha. I decided on buying the Samsung NX Mini, one of the lightest and stylish camera from Samsung. The pictures quality are good. Even one of the famous Singapore blogger, Naomi Neo is using Samsung NX Mini too!

The White and Mint NX Mini :D Look So nice right?!
(credit to The Phoblographer for the picture above) 

I actually did an online purchase yesterday on Samsung NX Mini from Rakuten Malaysia, but then my payment was unsuccessful because they didn't get to accept my payment(as they didn't work on weekends, I think). So, I checked my balance in the bank and fortunately, my money is still in there. lol.

I tried purchasing it again this morning on the NX Mini for RM999 from Buzzbit, by Rakuten Malaysia. The price really attracts me yet, I couldn't pay for my order when I checked out -.- and it pissed me off.

At the end, I came out with a decision on buying it at a retail store this coming Saturday. Maybe God doesn't want me to buy online. wtf. And my mom warned me too at buying electronic stuffs online. She said that sometimes the product might not in a good condition and that's why they selling it cheap. Or it's A.P. Well I don't know. Buzzbit seems to be a trust able company. =^\

But there is one thing that keeps bothering my mind. Which colour should I choose?? D:

I really really like the white coloured one, because it look clean and kinda pure and kinda have the feeling of... royalty. Lolol wtf. But then, I care about the colour white turns to yellowish after using it. So, I havethe feeling on getting the black one, but its look kinda rough and... dark. Lolol.

And then, I thought of getting the green one because the colour is kinda nice and looks minty. Well, it is minty green Douglas. durh? lolol.  Yet, White is still the highest priority. So, I don't really know. T-T

Should I just get the white one? Or the Minty green? or Black? Gosh -.- I hope I can come up with the colour before this coming Saturday. lolol.

Alright, I'm going to take my dinner now. Till next time, See ya!

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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