Nuts of Peanuts.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

You know what guys? I am now addicted at eating peanuts already! Homaigaddd! Isn't that crazy?! D: *pimples popping out* Touchwood! not gonna let that happen :3

Last two weeks, I shopped around a grocery store called Jaya Grocer(the nearest grocery store that I can go to). And as I walk around searching for tit bits (because I get hungry during midnight, and that is so not healthy -.-), I saw something that caught my eye immediately.

It was the "I DUNNO WHAT NAME IT WAS BUT IT TASTED DELICIOUS!" Peanut! :D Seriously, I don't know what the name is -.- because it was all written in Thai! D: 

Yes, It was the Thailand peanuts that I really really like. The first time I tasted it was during my Semester 4 in Diploma when Nicole brought some souvenirs back from Thailand. I tried it and I was like "HOMAIGAD I AM SO GONNA BUY THIS", Yet I didn't get to because, I didn't go to Thailand, durh? LOL. Okay. forgive my craziness.

And then, I tasted it for the second time at my Office when Mabel brought back some souvenirs from Thailand during her vacation back in June.

It is manufactured by Mae-Ruay Snack Food Factory in Thailand and it comes with few flavours such as the Original, Thai Tom Yam, Wasabi, etc and I like the Thai Tom Yam the most! So recklessly, I bought not one, not two, but three cans! It's not cheap by the way. It cost RM6.99 for a can of peanuts, but, It flew all the way from Thailand and I think it's worth it. =3= Worth to satisfied my crave too.

Just look how crazy I am that I even took a selfie with them. LOL. Look so damn surprise hor? HAHAHA

What I like about their packaging is that they are tightly sealed! And when I open the cover, it got the "POKK!" Sound. LOL. and It gave me the "ummphh" feeling WTF. 

The scent of the tom yam flavour is really strong that it flew to my nostril hole right away when the seal is opened. lolol. And it tempt me to take a bit straight away (-oo-).

It taste really good! And I can finish one can in just an hour. wtf 
It really does have the taste of Tom Yam in it. You can feel the spiciness at the rind that covered the nuts.

I am so loving it! Hahaha!

and it turns me into Squirrel right away. LOL. Lame jokes -.-

(Bad background with my yellowish towel. well, It is a yellow coloured towel.)

I recommend all of the peanuts lover to get one of this for yourself and I guaranteed 100% that you won't regret it! LOL *Free advertisement* This company should pay me. LOL
Get one now at Jaya Grocer or anywhere else that I don't know that you can find in Malaysia. 

Let's the searching game begins! wtf.

Till next time, See ya!  

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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