Internship Supervision.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guess what guys, I've done with my Internship supervision this morning. *Yaaayyy!!!* It was done by Dr. Nor Azmi and Mr. Alex, My industry Supervisor.

Dr. Nor Azmi called me this morning around 7 O'clock and informed me that he will arrive around 10 O'Clock in the morning.  He arrived a little bit late due to the traffic jam around Damansara area.

During the supervision, Dr. Azmi asked me to brief him with what I have done so far in this company and so I did. I explained to him thoroughly about my job specification that I am exposed to and I thought the conversation would be a little bit tense but then I manage to explain everything smoothly. I don't feel nervous at all when explaining to Dr. Azmi because of his smile all the time and It's quite easy to talk to him. 

He also asked me whether Am I doing well in this company and I answered him that I felt attached to this company and felt quite reluctant to leave. Bonds are created with time, don't they? hahaha. 

He's a good man. I'm sure. LOL.

Dr. Azmi then ask my Industry Supervisor, Mr. Alex on what he think about me, Sincerely from his opinion and he complimented me as one of the best intern so far in his Company. I am so delighted and the answers make me so happy indeed that my heart is jumping out of joy. lol. :P

The conversation between Dr.Azmi and Mr Alex ended and Dr. continues briefing me on what to do with the report and log book. 

He then take his leave back to Tanjung Malim as he will be having a meeting in the Afternoon. I sent Dr. Azmi off and greeted each other Goodbye.

And I felt much relieved because I am done with the evaluation from the University Supervisor! :D


My post about the event I went last Friday with the HiTeam is published in HiLife! HiLife is a blog about reviews of products and stuffs that happened on HiShop. Please do visit or click HERE to read my published post. :D

I'll update about it too soon at here :P

Till next time.
- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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