Ugly Malaysia's Taxi Service and met a pervert at Bus Stop.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Actually today I didn't want to go anywhere and was actually decided to update schedule posts for my blog la for the next few days cuz I will be busy working and don't have time to blog(which I didn't. fml). Then suddenly Elvis, a friend of mine told me that he's coming over to 1 Utama so we decided to meet each other there.  Yeah la, people come from so far, must give "mian zhe" ma. LOL. Jokes.

Cuz of my superb laziness, I lazy wanna change my cloth and I just wear a tank top and a shorts out to 1 Utama. To wait for Taxi, I have to go across the road to the other bus stop.

Talking about Taxi, these taxi drivers really upsetting me, a lot! -.-

Today I asked sixteen fucking taxi drivers to send me to 1 Utama and neither one want go to send me there. It's not like i'm not paying for the fare and as a taxi drivers, you should accept a customer's decision. What if I am in a rush to the airport and you didn't want to send me there, and I missed my flight, then I have to waste my money to buy another flight ticket just because of your fucking intolerance and irresponsible as a taxi driver of not sending me to the airport.

That is just an example la but really lor, I waited under the sun and wasted my saliva asking the taxi drivers to send me there and still don't want. seriously. Thank God I wore tank top and shorts. -.-

and then... this is the horrifying part.

I was sitting at the bus stop after the 16th taxi driver rejected my request (still very mad now). A guy was standing on the right side of the bus stop, looking at me, up and down and I was like wtf, why he keep looking at me. then I don't care la. I just keep looking at the road for the damn taxi and suddenly he sat beside me.

I didn't care much and acted normally la. Then after few minutes (maybe he is scared to ask me or whatsoever and become so dare in all of a sudden because God gave him strength maybe. wtf. ), scrolling his phone and whatever he did using his phone, and he touch my arm, so of course I turned to his side la.

and FOR GOD SAKE, HE SHOWN TO ME GAY PORN PICTURES. -.- and what more surprising is that he asked me to suck his dick. WTF! 

So I was like, "Noooooooooo...." and a taxi suddenly came by and THANK GOD this time the taxi driver accepted my request to send me to One Utama. Thank You Uncle! Omg. You saved my life. Wtf!

Really sia! If a girl or a real hot guy ask for that maybe I say yes la LOL WTF. JK. 

It's my first time encounter this kind of situation and really, my mind is blown. Mental breakdown terus. wtf.


#Selfie in the Cab. :D

Another one. :D

After I reached 1Utama, Elvis and I walked around and I brought him to one of my favourite place in 1Utama, the Secret Garden. Sounded like the Korean Drama series kan. LOL. 

Me in Secret Garden :D

With Elvis. The sunlight damn burning my face. wtf. -3-

[This photo is taken with Samsung Note 3]

My smile so sweeeet. Hahaha. I love my smile here :D

We had Japanese cuisines at Sushi Zanmai for our dinner. Bringing him to taste Tamago Mentai for the first time, just like how Nicole has brought me into the addiction of Tamago Mentai. LOL.

But then, Elvis only get to taste one Tamago Mentai because the waiter wrote down one order instead of four. -.- I say FOUR so loud leh still can write one. Omg.

A shot of myself at Zanmai.

Another one with Elvis. :D

Soft Shell crab Maki and Tamago Maki

My favourite, Salmon Don :D

After dinner, we went to H&M la to waste time, and I waste money instead that I bought a jacket eventually. -.-

A selfie at H&M Fitting room Hall while waiting for Elvis. 
The jacket I'm holding is the one I bought.

[ This photo is taken with Samsung Note 3]
Before we go home, we went here to touch on the "snow", to see whether it's cold or not. And It turns out to be cold but then not real snow la of course. Ice Kacang Ice :D LOL. 

We then departed with different taxi and back to each other home. Hahaha.

Tomorrow is my second week at work and I hope everything goes fine. Alright. I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow need wake up early. Till next time!

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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