Sunday, June 08, 2014

While I'm living here in Perdana Exclusive Condo, and they facilitate us, the residents with a gym, so why not to try it out (since I've never try to gym before, like never, after living for like twenty years. FML).  But then, I very shy shy you know. wtf.

Just now in the gym got two guys, I damn shy you know cuz Its my first time there, so I dunno which is which. All I know are the dumbbells and Treadmills. LOL. wtf. So, I go on the treadmill, but then, the treadmill ROSAK. -.- Then I wondering around la, and saw the cycle. I want to get up, and it's ROSAK! I like wtf??

 Damn ashamed you know cuz the two guys keep looking at me. I end up standing on the weight scale, and YOU KNOW WHAT? The Result damn shocking sia.

YOU SEE?! 61KG OMG -.-

The last I weighted myself was like last year (hohoho), and in 1 year time, I gained 4KG. WTF. -.- 
eat eat sleep sleep. Gosh. Bu fat dou jia. -.-

Since the treadmill is not functioning, I decided to go for a jog, and I jogged 7 rounds around my Residential. Long time didn't jog, I damn exhausted I tell you. Keep gasping for air. Now I think of it also damn hilarious. wtf.

After I jogged, I went back to the Gym la, and now I know why everyone keep sweating inside the gym, cuz  it is freaking warm inside that your sweat will automatically flows out.

And what makes me happy, the gym is empty! I can do what I want! :D

So, I tried out the 125lbs (around 56kgs) and it's really heavy, but then I did 3 set of chest pump (3 x 10) and few more others la. Newbie bah.

Gym is important, but first, Let me take a selfie! :P

Shoe by Dunlop,
Top and Bottom by P.Authentics.

Cheers for me in losing my belly fats and pump some chest muscles(since most people say my upper body damn skinny). I'll do my best. Lolol. Kay See ya. I'm sleepy dy. Night!

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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