Back in KL, Again.

Friday, June 06, 2014

I finally got the time to blog after few days reaching KL last Saturday. It has almost been a week that I am here now in my new room at Damansara Perdana Exclusive Condominium (I'll blog about it soon).

This round of coming back to Kuala Lumpur is a little bit different from usual. This time, I am not coming back here alone, but with someone special. A person that taking care of me from infant till now, and I bet everyone knows it too. Yes, It's my mom (if you guessed wrong, then face-palm for you). So this time, Imma bring her go around the middle of peninsular(from KL to Tanjung Malim) while waiting for my Job to start next Monday.

We took off last Saturday on the 31st of May, flying with AirAsia to Klia2. (I lazy wanna edit my pictures -.-) We so lucky to checked-in on a hot seat :D which the seat is a little bit wider than others one.

But first, Let me take a selfie. :P

A selfie with my mom.

and another one.

Hahahaha! Boredom. More selfie!

Even though a lot of people passing through the isle, I am still taking selfie. Hahahaha.

We reached Klia2 around 12:00pm and I am really shocked with the environment. It looks like an Airport but doesn't look like one, yet looks like a Huge shopping mall but it is not. Or shall I say, A shopping Airport Centre? Lol. Forget the nonsense.

Anyway, Klia2 is quite huge with it long and far and 3 levels + 1 Basement Airport. Is it? I'm not sure. LOL. wtf. So, we walked all the way down from the Luggage Pickup hall to the bus interchange at the basement. I'm sure whether it is a basement or Ground floor, or Level 0. Lol.

We then took the bus to 1 Utama because my aunt is going to fetch us up there first before going to my new house(room, technically). After I bought the ticket, they asked me to wait for the 12:30pm bus, so my mom and I waited for it. 

And in the meantime, 





we have waited for almost half an hour, and when I look at my watch, It's already 1:05pm. I then went near to the list board, and it mentioned there delayed. so, my mom and I waited for another 20 minutes, and finally, the bus is here and It's the 1:30pm bus. -.- 

We reached 1 Utama around 2 in the afternoon and Yay! I got my room/house key on the same day :D

- See You when I see You -

- Dougy W.W-

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