Crazy fasting Monday.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Such an exhausting day today.

First of all, It's the fasting month. During fasting month, working in an online retail Company is indeed a big challenge. I didn't fast la but I avoid from drinking water when working to respect my colleagues who are fasting. Which make me feel kinda dehydrated cuz I needa walk up and down, picking out the stocks that need to be send out today.

I am working alone on the picking list because Dariel was sick from having food poisoning and didn't come to work. Get well soon Dariel! Really need you here T_T 

Hsin Yi is helping out with Ling on her Jane Holli's Projects. Therefore, warehouse doesn't have enough worker for today. or maybe even for tomorrow T_T 

So after lunch, I went to the warehouse (like usual) and spend my half working day there.
There are like 8 pick lists(here only six because the other two was on printing) to do today and I only got to do four out of the eight because of the damn stacking bed sheets that I need to climb and take one by one out to search for the code, and put it back. That was the first Pick list.  After that I look on the second pick list. Oh Great. another bed sheet. -.-

And yeah! Done with the four (here only two) pick listed items, and start to pack cuz by the time I done with these four, It's already three thirty -.- Nurul helped me out on Packaging all these products and we finished it on time eventually.


And you wonder, "Sooo many boxes!". It's because we're too lazy to bubble wrap items, So we just put everything into a box and voila! Hahaha! And there was like 48 boxes? LOL. Where usually its only like ten or fifteen.  

Cuz when you put into the flyer, you need to bubble wrap it efficiently and enough so it won't break, cuz the Delivery man will only throw those flyers here and there. But for boxes, It's a different story. They handle it with more care.

For HiShop Products, It's a different story. You need to bubble wrap every bottled items or products that you think it's breakable or may leak. Sharmine were doing all of that by herself today because we doesn't have enough hands. 

I wish I have four pairs of hands, Like the spiders.

Well, that's weird -.-

Anyway, before I end this post, 

#Selfie by the Window after work.

My room window really have good lighting. Hahaha. 

Alright. Till next time, see ya!

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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