Dinner with Nicole at Bulgogi's Brother, eCurve.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last Friday after my work, Nicole and I decided to meet each other for a dinner at eCurve cuz we really miss each other. HAHAHA. Just kidding. :P Or is it true? LOL

Anyway, regarding of us choosing eCurve is because it is more near to my working place and I was actually decided to walk (It is quite a distance), but Nicole offers to fetch me up, so, Yeah, which is great. LOL. We then have a special guest, which is my cousin that followed along cuz he's bored of nothing to do on the weekend. 

when we reached there, We actually don't know what to eat until my cousin said that he's craving for Korean BBQ, and Nicole is totally support on him at giving out that idea. lolol. So we end up having our dinner at Bulgogi's Brother.

We ordered a set of Special Bulgogi and a set of Dak Galbi.

Here come the tea of the day, Oksusu Cha 
And It tasted so corny. LOL.
The corn is actually one the "dessert" that they served before the main course arrives. 

The side dishes. Kimchi, Marinated "Kang Kung" and Marinated big onion.

egg plant, Sweet potato and ... Vegetable. LOL

400 grams of Bulgogi Brothers Special set. :D
I was wondering why are there pieces of breads and it was actually used to soak the oil when barbecuing.  

Heart- Shaped minced beef :D 
So nice right the heart shaped beef?! Hahaha.

Sweet Potato soup. :D
A lot of sweet potato eh. The dessert got sweet potato, Side dishes got sweet potato, and soup also use sweet potato. Lolol.

The beefs are almost done. :D 

And that's my wrap! beef with garlic and big onion and a mushroom!

Beef slices. :D Very very nice! 
Ahhh... My mouth is watery right now. =3=
and my stomach is growling too. D:

White rice! Hahaha!
Nicole said that I'm a rice bucket =3= 

Selfie! :P

Dak Galbi set! :D 

They cook it all together and It is SO DELICIOUS! :D!

It is kinda spicy but I like it! 

Buurpp! We ate well last Friday. Hahaha. Gorged with lots of meat and also vegetables. Quite balance doesn't it? This is why I like Korean Cuisine. Hahaha :P 

After dinner, we shop around The Curve and Nicole sent me back home after that. Stucked in the jam for almost half an hour before reached my home =3= Sorry Nicole! Hahaha.

Anyway, We both will meet again this Wednesday cuz someone has won a pair of Ticket to Premiere Screening of "Deliver Us from Evil"! LOL. It's a horror Movie. 

Oh! And Happy Fasting month to all muslims around the world :D

All right, Till next time! See ya!

- See you when I see You -

- Dougy W.W -

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