Intern a.k.a Labour.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It has already been my third week in MilkADeal Sdn. Bhd. as an intern to accomplish my Diploma course. Taking Diploma in English, I should be working under editorial or anything that can fully use the skills that I have learnt during my previous semesters such as writing articles(writing skill), answering phone calls, calling customers(speaking skill), and anything that related actually enhance my skills in languages and linguistic.

 The company did assigned me on doing those tasks like creating deals, reading the deals so I could understand more, calling customers to inform the unavailability of some stocks, and few things that could use the knowledge I have learnt.

Yet, In MilkADeal, You need a special knowledge, or something that I could say, the "Knowledge of Strength".  Every day after lunch, I would be going to MilkADeal's warehouse, which also the combined warehouse with HiShop. They're brother and sisters company.

"Why does your company have warehouse?"

MilkADeal (MAD) and HiShop are both Online Retail Stores, just that HiShop is more on Beauty products. The warehouse is just nearby to the main office, which is just next door.

So, an online retail store surely need to have products in order to sell items. It's logic. I don't need to explain that, do I? In that case, to have products, you need to have merchants. And having a merchant means having stocks.

Well, that is not the hard part. The critical part is where you need to help the merchant to carry the stocks to the warehouse because our company do not allow merchants to get in to the warehouse for safety purposes. It is not only one merchant, but a lot of merchants, and they don't come just one day, but every single weekdays.

Sometimes it is easy to carry the stocks because of their small box of items that can easily be carried and that doesn't matter, but sometimes it is damn hard where you need to carry HUGE BOXES or SACKS of merchants stocks. :D #KnowledgeOfStrength

Which bring me to the next point, where today we have to carry SIX SACKS of at least 140KG++ Per sack of stocks. :D  as you know, or you might not know, I have never done any labor work. I was the pampered child in the family and what I usually did are just holding pen, writes and using computer. Carrying things? Pfft. Not my style. But hold on, not in MilkADeal! :D #KnowledgeOfStrength

"WE" might sounded a lot but it was actually done by two-man power. HAHA. I am impressed on myself. Good job Douglas(a weakling that never carry things that heavier than 50kgs)! and Dariel too. :D

D&D. We're just match, aren't we? LOL.

The others men did help too, by carrying inside the ground floor hallway.

After carrying it up to the warehouse, my energy are totally depleted and I sweat like I just came out from the water. No kidding.

Finally, It was done? HAH. NO BRO. NO.

by the time of 5PM, the another merchant came by, to take few stocks away from the sacks of stocks we carried up.

What we need to do now is, to open all the sacks of stocks, and count all the bed sheets inside. Few of them are for us, and few are for the merchant. Dariel and Hsin Yi helped out too. Hsin Yi is another intern of MilkADeal. :D After done with counting stocks and everything, Dariel, Hsin Yi and I have to carry the stocks down, and in to the merchant's car, which are not part of our work, but we have to because he doesn't have enough worker(s). #KnowledgeOfStrength

Try to Imagine, Carrying the 140kgs++ x 6 sacks of stocks up to the warehouse, wait for the merchant to come and count it, then bring it down, to the car. :D

My Right hand. So beautifully Red right? :D
If you see clearly, I actually got a blister from carrying the stocks on my Ring Finger.

and my left one. 

To conclude this post, Today was indeed a hard day for me. Carrying heavy stacked stocks up and down, and my hand are like lolol, I donno how to say. Till now I can feel the pain and numbness from carrying those heavy stocks. Nevertheless, I am totally had a lot of fun working in MAD, and it is indeed MAD working here. 12th Day of Intern done, 9 weeks and 3 days more. :D

Imma go bath and sleep. Until next time!

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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