Curve to Ikea.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Working for two weeks, I now can feel the tiresome are coming towards me. I was awake almost by noon this morning. Actually I don't feel like going out but then my stomach was growling like crazy and it was so loud some more -.- 

So before going out, I thrown all my dirty clothes into the washing machine(which takes around 35 minutes for it to be done) and put it into the dryer machine after it done washing (another 1 hour -.-). I was finally done at 3pm. Imagine my stomach was growling since 12 something in the noon. wtf. 

Oh! Before I forget about it, I finally get to know one of my British housemate. His name is Dan and he's taller than me by one head. wtf. random much.

Anyway, while waiting for my clothes to dry, 

Morning face selfie! :D

Another one, *Peace!* 

So after done with everything, I depart off to the Curve, since it is just a kilometre far from my place and I was so damn hungry at that moment that I even asked my stomach to shut up. wtf.

I was craving for sushi, again. So, I went to Sakae Sushi for my Brunch :D 

First one to arrive, Salmon Mentai! :D

Salmon Sushi :D So fresh sia! 

 You can refill how many time as you want because the water tap just right beside you. lolol.
I actually want to buy the tea because I really love green tea so much, but then I didn't because I forgot to ask the cashier about it. -.-

Soft Shell crab Maki.
I like Sushi Zanmai's one better. Sorry Sakae D:

Tamago Mentai! +1 
Thank You Sakae for including this! Last time when I came to Sakae, they didn't have it but now, you can have Tamago Mentai in Sakae already! :D

Tamago Maki.
RM4 Only for all of these and It's slightly bigger. :D

After done with my brunch, I walked around the Curve and slowly walked to Ikea. To be honest, It's my first time being in Ikea because, yeah... It's a furniture Store? LOL. except their Meatballs la. I didn't get to try it because the line damn long and it totally turned me off. I'm too lazy to queue. -3- 

I was amazed by their huuuuggge store.

It's like a huge Warehouse :O!

Another one. Hahaha. And there are some people looking at me when i'm taking this photo.
Maybe they were thinking, "why take a picture of a warehouse store". -3-

I'm like a wanderer that have nothing to do and keep on wandering around from the Curve to eCurve to Ikea then to Curve ZX and to Tesco Extra and back to the Curve. wtf -.-

Cuz of too tired walking around, I stopped by to enjoy a mini concert by a band that I dunno what their name is. lol

It started since morning I think and this like almost the end ady cuz It's almost 7 that time.

Then I got to met this group singing by the street of the Curve.
I really like this one! they sang Oh Carol and few other songs. :D 

The Street in the Curve :D
Honestly, With the songs they were singing, It felt like i were in another place out of Malaysia. lolol.
Hmm, Songs does affect the way you feel, don't they? 

Another event at the Curve. 
Because of the World Cup fever, It's like every shopping mall got at least one event that is about football. :O

a picture of me before heading back home :D

Sunset view from Mutiara Damansara :D

Before going back, I had my dinner at Bravo Italiano Restaurant, Just nearby to my home. I really like their food. Simple and nice :D

I ordered my favourite drink, Fresh Iced Lemonade. :D

Chicken with Black Pepper sauce. Really nice! :D
For the first time, I finished the side dish, stirred fried veggies. I usually don't eat them but ate all of them here! :D

So juicy! Hahaha!

And that's the end of my Journey exploring around Damansara Perdana to Mutiara Damansara :D

Till next time, See ya!

- See you when I see you-

- Dougy W.W - 

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