Virgin dinner at Yuzen Restaurant.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

After got out from work, I decided to walk around my working area (also my living area), to explore new restaurants for me to dine in during dinner or whenever I feel like eating. wtf. Actually I went around quite a few times already but I didn't really take a good look on their huge board on top of their shops. 

So, I was actually decided to have my dinner at Bravo, an Italian restaurant that I went during last February when I came for an interview with the Company that I am working with right now. But then, I saw a Japanese restaurant named Yuzen nearby, and in the fact that I love Japanese food, so without any hesitation, I gone in to Yuzen Japanese Restaurant.  

Cold Ryokucha.

And It's free refill :D They refilled my glass for four times already. My stomach was like gorged with green tea instead of the food. lolol. 

Because of being too bored sitting and dinnering alone, I took some photos of their interior while waiting for my food to be serve.

This is so random. LOL. 
They placed this on the table and I find it quite relaxing la cuz it feels like very nature kind-of thing. -o-

Their Restaurant Interior.

Look quite comfortable and ease for your eyes, doesn't it? LOL. Okay -3-

And that's me! :D

First mouth-watering food that arrived, the Unagi.

Look so delish isn't it? And Yes, it is delish indeed!

I actually ordered two of it, but then only one was listed. always like that one lor. D:
 Just like my Tamago Mentai last sunday.

Feel so alone. LOL.

Wish there is someone sitting in front of me and talk and enjoy this dinner with me. :D

Inaniwa Udon. :D

They got cold and hot Inaniwa, and I ordered the hot one. 
It's technically Udon mixed with Kang Kung only. LOL. I thought got meat or something, but there's nothing besides Kang Kung's stem. Yet, the soup are quite savory lah. 

I really like the Udon! It's so smooth and very springy. LOL.

One photo of me after finishing my bowl of Udon. :D

Overall, the food are great and their service is good. They warmly welcomed me and send me off too. LOL. I felt appreciated in the same time. Like they were honoured to have me eating in their Restaurant. 

My rating for Yuzen Japanese Restaurant, 4 out of 5 Points. 0.5 point out for the unexpected Kang Kung's Udon :x and another 0.5 point out for the one missed out of my Unagi D: 

All right, I'm going to sleep now. Till next time!

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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