Lunch at Alessio.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last two weeks, I sent my mom off back to Kota Kinabalu at KLIA2. Her flight was at 4pm and we have another 2 hours before her departure, we decided to have dinner at Alessio. At first we went to DOME because I want to have their baked pastry mushroom soup. I really like it, but then so ngam that day sold out worh. -.- 

So my mom and I like nevermind la, sit down dy, see what can order besides the mushroom soup. Flip and flip, we couldn't make up to a decision, and my mom want to eat pizza but their pizza is like RM38 for four slices. 

I then suggest my mom to go Alessio cuz they also got sell pizza for a reasonable price. Not saying that DOME price is crazy but, It's a bit overpriced la. :x 

So, My mom was okay with it and we end up walking out from DOME restaurant, elegantly. LOL. 

Not far from DOME, we reached Alessio. 

Random shot of Alessio's Menu. 

I ordered hot honey lemon tea for two since my mom and I love lemon and also honey and tea too. lol

This tea help to refresh my mouth cuz during last two weeks, I was having a wisdom tooth that is growing healthily. When I eat something and it struck on the growing wisdom tooth, I will shout like someone kana stab. wtf. 

So I rarely open my mouth and talk lor cuz it really hurt my gums and it infect my upper teeth. I was very kasihan lah last two weeks. Even now also still pain, but not as pain as before.

We had this for our appetizer. I forgot the name, but it's almost the same like bruschetta la.
Taste really good with the fresh tomatoes and basil leaves.

Hawaiian grilled chicken Pizza. 

Taste very nice! I like it! :D

and my main course, Deluxe grilled Chicken and crispy fish fillet.

The chicken taste really juicy and tender! But the fish fillet, very normal la. Using Dory fish. I personally don't really like to eat dory fish.

My mom don't want to eat much cuz she say later reach back Sabah she wanna eat dinner with daddy. sobs. T____T I also wanna dinner with daddy leh.

After lunch, I sent my mom into the departure room and it's very reluctant la to let her go. :( I hugged her and she was shedding tears that make me also want to shed tears but I didn't. "Nan ren da zhang fu" cannot cry. lol wtf!

After sending her off, I take the bus back to 1 Utama and I shop alone there till night before going back home. 

Alright. that's the end for this post. Till next time! See ya!

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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