[UPDATED] Letting go My Dragon Nest SEA Account.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

After playing Dragon Nest for Almost 2 years , I have finally come to a decision where I am going to resign from this game. Lol. resign.. like working pula -.-

As the title above, you may know that I am going to let go my account for people who want to play. Well, Sell it out is better than letting it rot, kan? Do you agree? Agree la please. 


Anyway, I'm not going to make a farewell speech here (maybe I will in another post),or a long essay, So, here are the details about the account (characters) that I am about to sell.

Letting go My DragonNestSEA Account.

Auto-Let-go : RM999(RM1,000) or S$389(S$390) - I just want the number nine in it. LOL. Wtf.

Price are negotiable.

Remaining Golds: 55,000++ Golds.
Remaining CC: 5,375 CC.
Remaining DNP: 11,510 DNP.

Characters (IGN will be obscured some purposes)

One Level 70 Raven
- 7 Set Rare costumes (Musician 5 set, 2 dark weapons)
- Full Level 70A Set (New Moon), New Moon Scimitar +10, Crook +8.
  - With Level 70 Intermediate Jades.
- 1 +6 Legend Desert Dragon Vest. (In storage)
- Full slotted Heraldry (With 90 days 3-Heraldry cash slots).
- Crimson Horse Mount, Courteous Gentleman Sheep.
- Level 20 Panda pet (Hibernating).


Whole black huh? Looks Evil doesn't he?
I didn't lie kay, really got 50,000 Golds. -3-

+10 New Moon Maple Scimitar, with two Level 70 Intermediate Jades.

7 Set Rare Costumes (Worth 100K CC, Pfft! My bad luck in synthesizing -3-)

3 spacious Storage and 4 spacious Inventory. 

4 + 3 skills heraldry.

Level 20 Panda Pet.

And 2 fucking sheep -.-

One Level 63 Gear Master
- 5 set Magic Costumes.
- 6 Level 60 Unique set. (3 Desert Dragon, 3 Hero)
- 1 Legend Desert Dragon Cannon +8, Perfect potential.
- Full slotted Heraldry. (Expired 3-Heraldry cash slots)

Next, A Gear Master. Level 60 Geared. 

There, Perfect Pot DD Cannon. But +8 only la.

Accessories don't have because I passed it to the Raven. 

This Gear Master Reached 1.9k Ladder Rating during the 60 cap.

Therefore, This character have 2 Hero set. A secondary weapon and a Lower Body.

One Level 62 Blade Dancer
- 5 set Magic Costumes.
- Full level 60 Epic Set (Dangerous Desire)
- Epic Heraldry slotted.
- 4 Unique Heraldry slotted (3 Heraldry + 1 Manticore Skill Heraldry)


Nothing much, just gestures and Magic Costume. Not so geared but survivable.

One Level 59 Light Fury.
- N00b Geared.


Not so geared this Light Fury, but another 4.6k Golds are in this character.

Earring and Brilliant Rings are permanent.

Four Level 60 Characters.
- Barbarian, Majesty, Saint and Elestra.


I am only going to put two screenshots, so u can see the characters available. LOL.

One Level 50 Character.
- Tempest.

Last one. The level one de no need show gua??

This one is the remaining CC and DNP in this account.

So, are you interested? Does it tempt you? lolol.
Interested buyer may contact me at douglas.svy@gmail.com

Meet up around Kota Kinabalu (end on 30th May as I am going back KL for my studies), or Online meet up (how? Cam la. LOL). (Kuala Lumpur - 1st June onward)

Okie, ta-ta!


-See You when I see You-

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