[TOUCH 3D] - DGNereus Comeback in Fantasy Sky!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

First of all, Happy Labour Day to every Labours! LOL.

So, I have MIA(Missing In Action)-ed Touch for like months -.- I think the last I played was on December? Where I was back in my Uni that time. Not that I don't have free time to play, just that the line is a bit slow (If you hav read my blog for the past few months, u might have seen me ranting over the slow internet connection -3-). And another reason, to concentrate on my studies (chehhhhh. hahahaha. wtf). And Oh! I got dean list again this Semester! Thank God. (I'll blog about it in another post)

Anyway, I was back in Touch last two days, and obviously, my skill got so rusty -.- back to beginner mode. wtf.

Then when I see in my Inventory, I still got 5,000RCoins, So my hand itchy and I decided to try my luck on the eggs (Somehow like Gachapon/Jackpot). I bought 40eggs(Which eligible for 2 rounds in batch). You can spin one by one or in batch, but i prefer to spin it in batch(save time, but very risky la) First spin was rubbish,like really, a pile of rubbish -.-

Then I try again for the second round, and... Jackpot! I got 3 blue stars. and this is what I got:-

Dew Male Option Pack! They have 8 colours to choose from and I chose Winter Blue.

When you open the pack, You'll get A hair, a top, a bottom and a pair of shoe. Technically, whole set la. 

and this is how it looks like. 

actually I'm not really satisfied with the colour(I should have chosen the red one), So, I try my luck again in the eggs for 1 more time, but this time using the BRCoins, which are very valuable too. 

So, I bought it, and this is what I got:-

A better looking set! (Wing is excluded.)
So nice right?! White some more! Omg. Look like "Bai Ma Wang Zi" Hahahaha.

A closer look with the Gemini Scepter. Gosh, I fall in love with the Scepter dy, but only for 7 days -.- I hope I got the luck again to spin for permanent one. 

This round of coming back Touch, I really thought of doing a lot of things, Maxing the couple ring, get white set(which is fulfilled), get A better Wing, a better Scepter (My alternate got a Permanent Taurus Scepter, but I forgot the account! T_T FML.), and one thing that I really want to do is to help my character to change his look, to look a bit different from other characters.

And I did.

This is the difference between before and after, Which I think After is look much more better! Look more like a real human. Hahahaha. The left one look so fake with the huge eyeballs :x

Look so different right? Now my char is unacceptably handsome, and the chance for others to have the exactly same look as my character does is below 5% (which is quite a lot). LOL!

By the way, you can change your look permanently for only 1020 RCs!

So adorable right? Hahahaha. Gosh, I can't stop being obsessed with my own character. damn. LOL.

Then I change his hair with a new style, and let me tell you what, I melted and screamed. LOL!

View from the 45 degree top. Hot right?! LOL 

And that's Javi, who's standing behind xD

And view from the 65 degree bottom. HANDSOME RIGHT?! Aghhh! LOL.

Okay la. I'm going back Touch now. Hahaha. You may come and find me at Touch3D if you want to :D I'm in the "Fantasy Sky" Server, with the IGN DGNereus. Drop a Hi and tell me that you have read my blog and I'll add you as friend. Hahahaha! See ya!

Here is a video of my Gameplay Gahahaha.

- Dougnereus -

- See You when I see You -

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