RM10 for 2 Messages, Only with Maxis! :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It was raining heavily in K.K just now, with thunders and lightnings that forced me to turn off my router. Turn off router means no wifi. no wifi means no internet. No internet means cannot go online. Cannot go online means I cannot continue chattering with my friends. Cannot continue chattering means my friend will be waiting for my reply. To have my friends waiting for my reply without telling them is rude. 


I didn't buy any data plan for today (because I'm not going anywhere, just staying at home, rotting) and I am not a full data plan user, I usually buy 1 day or 1 week data plan if i'm going out to somewhere.

So,since I thought that I am going to use few second of time, just to send a short message, "ttyl,thunder." to inform my friends so they could understand my current situation, I decided to turn on the mobile data, just for a few second, without buying a plan. :D

And that is a huge mistake. 

At first, I received this message after few second of time(a text that I usually received if i didn't buy any data plan), just right after I sent that short text to my friends. 

And then, I quickly turn off the data so Maxis couldn't deduct my money. But then I was wrong. After exactly 2 minutes after I turned off the data, I received another text from Maxis.

What. The. Fuck.

A few seconds of data that cost you MYR 10, Which Usually It is only RM2 for 100MB.So what now Maxis? You're telling me that using a few second of data without buying a plan will cost me RM 10? What a great deal!

What I am pissed off with is that I just sent two text messages via LINE, and you deduct RM10 from my account? Is this shit real? Do you think it is reasonable, dear Maxis?


Maybe it's my fault la kan using data without buying a plan and I should have buy a plan even though it's just for a few second only, right?

But still, It doesn't make sense! 10mbs for 2 text messages? Go die please Maxis. 

I have been using you for three years My dear Maxis and you treat me like this? D: 

Dang it. 

See you when I see you.

-Dougy W.W-

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