Mother's Day Dinner.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all the Super moms around the world!

Yesterday, my Mother and I celebrated Mother's Day with my aunt at E West Lounge and Cafe. At first, We were thinking of what to eat on this special day and in the end, we have come into a conclusion where we decided to have Western cuisines. :P So, E West Lounge Is located somewhere nearby Luyang, just about few metres away from Damai and Foh Sang, and a few kilometres far from Kota Kinabalu.

It was a hot and sunny when we gone out in the morning, and suddenly, it rained for the whole afternoon till evening, and I just wore a simple t-shirt with a short(didn't expect it to rain), so the restaurant was so cold that I can barely feel my own body. wtf. LOL.

So, I ordered Hot Honey Lemon to warm me down, and it does!
Sweet, sour and warm at the same time, Love it :D

My mom and aunt ordered the same thing, Cold Lime.

And my mom ordered Fish Meuniere. 

Another one. Just, look at the sauce. Ugh! LOL.

I had Cream of Mushroom while waiting for my Lamb chop, and something bad happened. -.-

I have finished my Mushroom soup, and it took me around 20 minutes to finish all of it. And supposedly, by the time I finish my mushroom soup, my lamb chop should be ready and served to me, yet unfortunately, it didn't.

It makes me wait for another 15 minutes, where I can't stand it anymore that I have to press the call button to ask them whether my lamb chop is ready or not. Later then, They went to the kitchen, came out and they asked me to wait for another 15 minutes. I was actually pissed off, but then, I remain myself calm and wait for it.

And at last, the lamb chop I ordered was served, but, the sauce is not separated, and the sauce doesn't really taste like Black Pepper. -.- It really disappoint me but I didn't refuse to eat it. So,

I present to you, E West Lamb Chop. 

The sauce is not really that good, but that doesn't stop me from having their lamb chop =3=

And for the desserts, we had Tiramisu cake and Carrot Vanilla cake. Love both of them. XD

This is a present I bought for my mom :P
It's a ladies favorite, a handbag.

Before I end this post, once again, Happy Mother's Day! And Mom, if you're reading this, You know that I love you so much! Thank You for all these years. Hearts.


-See You when I see You-

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