Gaming, My companion.

Monday, May 26, 2014

I am a gamer since young, and I have been gaming for almost fourteen years, playing video games and online games. I spent most likely about twelve hours per-day playing games just to satisfy my boredom(better than going out doing uncivilized thing). It might sounds crazy to you, but it's not.

What if I told you, The longest time I spent in gaming is Thirty six (36) hours in front of the computer, without sleeping. Well, of course I did go to shit or something and have my breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It was during the year of 2009, where I spent my time leveling in one of the famous MMORPG's online game during that time, Maple Story SEA. It was the peak of the season, where you need to reach a certain level to get that unlimited item in between the event time. I did get it eventually, and that feeling is indeed, awesome.

People always ask me, "why gaming? don't you think gaming is a waste of time?"

Some people might think gaming is a waste of time, but in my perception, It is not. Well, I have a reason for that. Gaming not only can enhance your knowledge in understanding the whole situation, but it can enhance your language skills too. Let me give you an example.

Playing a game, they usually will give you a quest where you need to complete in order to gain some experiences (just like how you work to gain experience). So, when it comes to quest, you need one of the language skills, which is the reading, where you need to read the whole quest in order to "understand" what the quest want you to do.

Yet, there is a cons for playing an online game. Money and Time.


Gamers who spent time playing online games just to kill their free time would never thought of giving in the money into games, But for a gamer who play online games for hours, they will. Without spending money in-game, your character is plainly rubbish. Like really, a pile of rubbish. It's the fact.

Oh come on, don't tell me you never spend money on games even a penny? -.-

99% of my gaming friends, they at least spent the amount of MYR5 in gaming. And I have a hardcore friend who spent almost RM100,000 in games. #TrueStory. Me? I spent a lot too. How much? Let it be a secret. :P

Well, there are games that doesn't really need to spend money on but MOST of it need you to do so. Temptation.


To be a pro in a game, time is mainly concerned. If you slow down, or MIA (Missing in action) a game, you are totally left out. I remember one time, during the level 60 caps for Dragon Nest SEA, where comes the Desert Dragon Nest, which by far most the hardest nest (where some of them say  it is easy as 1 2 3 =3= wtf) that need lots of understanding in the mechanism. And then, I MIA-ed the game for 3 weeks, because I have lot of things to deal with, and I couldn't manage to do well in that nest eventually.

I just couldn't understand how some people can still play games when there are so many things to do. o-o"
Pro sia. Imba gamer.

Oh well, I'm not that hardcore afterall.


Another question that people always ask me is, "Will you quit on Gaming?"

one word, Never.

I will never quit myself from gaming, but then, I might quit playing a certain game, just like how I quit playing AuditionSEA, Dragon Nest and few other games. (The main reason why is because without spending much much time in these games, your characters can't reach the par, at all.)

Even though I quit myself from playing them, but then, I had fun during the past. Just sometimes, you need to let it go (let it go~ let it go~ can't hold it back anymore~).

Conclusion, Gaming is my life companion for the past fourteen years, and I couldn't just leave it like that. Yet, I am now trying to stop myself from spending a lot of times in gaming. and money too. Support me kay. LOL.

- See You when I see You -

- Dougy W.W -

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