Day of Future Past

Sunday, May 25, 2014


So, I just got back a couple minutes ago from watching X-Men, Day of Future Past with my best friend, Crystal and my other two friends. The movie Is a brilliant movie and you know what guys, JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS AWESOME. LOL. It's a recommended movie, and you guys must watch it! 5 stars man. Hahaha.

Neeways, I went to Starbucks in Suria Sabah before going for the movie, To have a Venti of Dark Mocha, and I had glance on the wall, where some memories suddenly flashes through my mind.

I miss that moment. 

Anyway, Have you guys bought the ticket for the most outstanding fairy tale movie this coming Thursday? The movie that cast by Miss Angelina Jolie and based on a Fairy Tale (Technically not, because it mentioned that "don't believe the fairy tales"). It's the Maleficent and we bought the ticket in advance and of course, the last screening of the day. End your day with a great movie, doesn't that sounds good to you? Sadly there is no premiere screening in Sabah =3= 

I have been waiting for this movie since Last November and FINALLY, they announced it to have the screening this Thursday, 29th of May in few countries including Malaysia.  Just, look at the trailer. Doesn't it amuse you? Gosh. Miss Angelina Jolie totally nailed it. Can't wait for this Thursday! Oh Mai GAD. 

Oh, I was back home around 2:50+ and what shocked me when I entered my house is that,

My Dad's alarm rang. 

at 3AM.

where it usually rang at 4 in the dawn.

Nothing big happened, really. Just some Asian matters. If you know what I mean. 


Anyway, I'll end the post here and get a good bath before having a great night sleep. See you soon! Bye.

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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