The "New Friend" replaced the "Old" one.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Do you have that kind of friend(s) who technically forget about you when they met a group of new friends? I do.

Well, they don't really forget about you 100% but most of the time they did. They do say Hi to you, but not that frequent anymore because you're not as worthy as you used to be.

It always happened when they meet a new group of friends that can help them more than you can. Not all, but in certain things, these "new" friends are better than you. In other words, a substitute.

Why did I say it is a substitute?

Because, they only take you as a friend when they need your help in something. When they have some problems that you can't resolve, they will start searching for other friends that could help them out and you're totally become a rubbish in that matter. They won't be staying with you and solve the problems together. It's a big no no to them. Somehow, it like they are taking advantages on you.

Another example is when they are alone, or when the new friends got things to do and he/she can't follow. At this moment then he/she will remember about you.

"How did you know you're being replaced?"


Like one quote have said, "Not only to trust your eyes, but to trust your heart".

What do you feel...

when you usually go somewhere with them, but now they go with their new friends instead of you? Not once, not twice, but most of time;

When they usually call you to go places along with them, but now they don't because this new friends is more fun to hang out with;

When the new friend call him/her to go somewhere while they are with you and he/she leaves you immediately;

When you ask him/her to go somewhere and he/she rejects you because he/she is currently hanging out with this new friend;

When they invite the new friend to go somewhere instead of inviting you where they actually know you are the frequent client of that place.


Technically, they stick with this new friend, and chat, and hang out, and you got dumped into their "recycle bin" already.

It's not being jealous, but being faithful and loyal in the friendship, and hope they can do the same, yet its not happening eventually.

To be friend with such a selfish friend is kind of sad and sorrowful to bear with.

But not all friends are like that. In every persons' life, there will always be one or two best friends that worth to be with.


-See You when I see You-


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