Palm Sunday and Belated Birthday Lunch.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

[Gosh, this post got dragged so long on the draft list -.-]

Last two Sunday, my family and I went to Church like we usually did on Sunday, but this time it is in the Morning (where we usually go to the Church on the evening because I am way too hard to wake up in the early morning. LOL) because my family wanting to go for the full procession of the obligation. 

This is during our way walking into to the church from the a hall inside the church compound.

And I took this after the mass is ended. So nice right? St. Simon the Zealot.


After church, I went to buy a Birthday gift for Heidi, my best friend. It was her Birthday a day before and she messaged me and asked whether I am free during the afternoon, that she would like to invite us (me, Crystal and Faez) for a lunch (technically a Birthday lunch. Lolx). Unfortunately, Faez is unable to come over due to some unavoidable matters.

And this is the gift I prepared. I did it by myself kay. pretty right? Hahahaha.
What do you think of my wrapping skills? :P

We have decided to meet at 2pm at Little Italy, and I requested Crystal to fetch me up so we can go together. She was at Tenom during that time and speedily drift back to K.K.

Our lunch then postponed from 2pm to 3pm(because Heidi got something else to deal with), and from 3pm to 4pm(Crystal haven't reach K.K yet), and we end up having our lunch at 5pm. LOL. 

Anyway, We finally get to meet each other and we ordered some food because I am sooo hungry that time! Hahahaha.

And this is what I have ordered. I have forgotten what the is for this plate of cuisine. It simply a tender grilled chicken with sauce (not black pepper nor mushroom, I also don't know. LOL wtf), Fettucine, and boiled vegetables with cheesy sauce. LOL.

We spent hours chatting with each other while enjoying our meals. It has been years since we met and talk. I remembered the last I met Heidi was during the time where we take our SPM results. 

Later at night, Crystal and his both parents, Molly, Myles and I went for a movie night together. We decided to watch Sabotage and let me tell you what, This movie SUCK! A huge disappointment and waste of money. I seriously don't recommend any of you to watch this movie (unless you love vulgarity and brutalizing acts). From the very start of the movie till the end, all their conversations consist the word "Fuck". Fuck here fuck there. -.- My rating for this movie is 1/5. 1 point for the Legend Actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

-See You when I see You-


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