"Good" Cashier of Watsons Karamunsing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Technically, that's a satire.

This morning I was in a very good mood, did some exercise and had a pleasant breakfast time with my parents at Lido. We thought of having the Prawn Noodle would be fine for this morning.

I have things to buy in my to-buy list this week(shaver and the shaving gel, technically, pfft) and after our breakfast, My parents went to buy their stuffs (Today is Wednesday, and You'll know it if you play that game too) and I went to Milimewa Superstore to search for the things that I wanted to buy. Unfortunately, They don't have it. Well they do, but the it doesn't impress me, with their dusty products. Sorry. *ahems*

Later then, we went to Karamunsing Complex because my mom need to pay the monthly utilities bills and I remembered that Karamunsing have a Personal care store name Watsons (I was actually thinking of Guardian,to be honest).

At this very moment, I'm still in a good and calm mood, searching around the stores for the items I wanted, I found it and grabbed these two things and walk to the counter.

I was technically not lining up because there are two counters, one's on the right and another one is on the left and I'm on the left side, which no fucking single person is lining up there. At this time, there are only 3 costumers ,including me.

So, I was in front of the left counter and they have three cashiers, let me tell you again, T.H.R.E.E cashiers that only concentrating on ONE counter, which is on the right side. The auntie also lah, don't know buy what, taaaaaaalk so much, "This got discount ah? That got discount ah? Head and Shoulder got discount ah? Only This and that got discount ah?". Walao auntie, everything want discount go open your own store la.

Okay that's not the point that make me mad actually.

I was standing in front of the counter for almost a minute past, none of the cashiers even care to take a look on the left counter, like for fuck sake, THREE CASHIERS, WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING?!

Then I don't know la, maybe they have settle the shit up and one of them saw me(LIKE FINALLY?), and grab the two items that I'm holding. And this shit got real when he fucking put my items down on the counter table and greet the costumer who lining up behind me instead. I was like, WTF? I was here first and I have to move back, so I can give way to these two lovey dovey husband and wife to pay their things that they put on the counter table earlier, went off, grab some new items and come back after? Okay.

So the priority here is to put your things on the counter table first, and you'll be first even though you went off? Okay, alright. Fuck you then.

So, the cashier start scanning their stuffs, and you can see the way this cashier, doing things in 0.5x Slow Motion. I'm being serious here. The way he scan the things is like the whole store only have one costumer. Well of course, they only have three costumers at that moment. YET, its morning, how can you be so un-energetic? What did you do last night? Fucking your own bed till you drown of exhaustion? Yes offense, and you look like one.

My body was all heated up with anger, and I burst off with words right after I paid my things.

I reprove them, politely, saying that next time, they shouldn't have ask a costumer who already standing in front of the counter table to move away, and give way to the customer behind even though they had their stuff on the counter table earlier.

Then, he fight against my words saying that they had already scanned the first few items that the husband and wife put on the table. bla3, and few things he said that I can't catch up.

I'm not satisfied with the answer, and I asked him to at least open his mouth, and tell the customer what is happening and not letting the customer to have such thoughts. Like seriously, I don't have super power that can read your mind (it would be great if I have it).

Then his face turned into a serial killer look-a-like in all of a sudden and say the same thing he said earlier, with a little voice raised.

And of course, I'm trying to end this conversation and I never thought of winning this conversation too, but an apologize would be great, yet He doesn't want to stop it and he still repeating the same thing over and over again with a slight rephrasing of his sentence.

I got fed up and end this conversation by walking away, and that cashier still babbling and there goes the fucking anti-thieve beeping thingy beeps on me when I walked out. For fuck sake! Ugh!

Dear Watsons Karamunsing,

I don't care whether you are the worker or the supervisor or whatever -sor you are, here I am telling you that to treat your costumer right and also make sure that you work your ass off. Not doing things in slow motion. Time are valuable, and you can't pay it back. wasting my 10 minutes waiting in two counters with only two customers before me is not worth it. totally not. Bear in mind that, The way you work may cause troubles for others.

Thank you for ruining my day -.-

-See You when I see You-


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