Kai Shun Pork Noodles

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Yesterday night I went for Movie with Crystal, my best friend, and we watched Divergent.  It's a great movie and I think you guys should watch it if you love actions type of movie, otherwise, Still, watch it because ITS AWESOME and Douglas only watch awesome movies LOL.

Anyway,  we had a great time together! We went back home after that and as soon as I reached home, locked the door and lay down on my bed, my stomach is growling (stupid stomach growling in the middle of the night). So, I can't resist myself from not eating anything and I got to the fridge and search for some snacks, and I found chocolates, Like seriously, Chocolates. I finished the whole bar. *Coughs

Then, I couldn't sleep because of my stomach is too gorged with the chocolate (water especially. I technically drank 3 bottles of 500ml water. wtf) and I went to search something to watch, and guess what? I couldn't stop watching. You guys should watch this drama called the "Emergency Couple", starring my Choi Jin Hyuk (Like for serious sake of the mother phone) and Song Ji Hyo (yesh, the Running Man Ace). The storyline is hilarious and I watched like 5 episodes already till my parents are awake. And I didn't sleep. Oh well, Imma sleep right after I blog about this. LOL!  

I went for breakfast with my parents later on, and we had Pork noodles in Kai Shun Restaurant. It's a famous Chinese restaurant that sells Pork Noodles for almost 15 years and It is located at a small district near to my house.

I don't know what happened to me and surprisingly, I ordered a bowl of Pork noodle with additional noodle and additional pork.

There! Look how delish it is! xD

When it came out, It surprised me -o-


And me enjoying this big bowl of noodle xD

Omg, I look like a hungry man here. LOL!

And TADA! I finished it eventually! HAHAHA. I couldn't believe that I finished it. Very forceful actually. LOL.

It has been so long since I ate this noodle and I remember the last time I ate was when the SPM candidates having their first day of examination. LOL. and few of the Chinese candidates still can eat uh o__o LOL. Last time during my SPM, I only ate biscuit and mineral water. Gosh. HAHA!

Alright! I'm going to stop here. feeling tired already. Till next time! See ya!

-See You when I see You-


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