Secret Recipe Black Pepper Beef Pie.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hey guys, as promised, I am now back on the month of March. (I still haven't done with my Short Story assignment, but Now I have no idea to write). So, yeah.

This afternoon was thinking of what to eat for lunch. *House got no more food ingredients*, Doesn't feel like going to Tanjung Malim Restaurant for chicken rice, so I ended up going to Secret Recipe (was craving for their fried chicken actually.)

Seriously, I ate quite a lot just now, the food I ordered are like enough for two, or maybe three (for those small appetite eater.) At first, I had a Golden Crispy Chicken(damn fattening) and a cup of Ice blended Cappucino with Whipped cream (another fattening drink). I know, I know. Why do I still eat even though it's fattening? Because I don't really care. Hell Yeah. Lol. Sorry.


But then, I don't feel enough and my mouth feel like want to munch something. So I flipped through the Menu, and I saw something that I think I should try it out. It's the Secret Recipe Black Pepper Beef Pie. Without Hesitate, I call upon the waiter (and the waiter was standing about 60 metres away, looking at me, while I am waving at her. I'm like, "HELLO?! CAN'T U SEE MY HAND WAVING?! YUHUU~~~", but I didn't speak it out, of course.), and ordered it off.

And this is it, The black pepper Beef Pie! MYR 8.80. 

Look kinda delish, isn't it?

The fillings of the pie. 
On the menu, it written there spicy, but I've tasted no chilies hotness. LIE! LOL.

Overall, the pie is great. The crust are soft and buttery flavoured. The fillings are quite okay with the tenders of the beef, smells great, doesn't taste too salty or sweet. Yet it disappointed me for their lack of wisdom in putting in the spiciness in my pie. Booo! Lol. joking. Anyway, it is worth to try. Hahaha. 

Okay, If you do not know what to eat for dinner tonight, you may go and have a try! Hahaha! Alright, I'll post again soon, See ya!

-See You when I see You-

- Dougnereus-

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