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Saturday, March 15, 2014

My friend gave me an Idea in writing on what Sabahan says! So I decided to do, and I got some of  the information from an unknown source and yeah, I added and translated it(because it is in Malay) so you guys can understand more! :D So, here it is! (most of the examples are added by myself. LOL :x)

Okay, shall we start? :P

First, Sabahan Say "Anu" when they have no idea to explain the things.

example of sentence:

#1 "anu ba, yang selalu kita guna untuk potong rumput, apa nama tu ah?" 
#2 "si anu bah, yang slalu duduk dakat-dakat dengan si Gojez tu. kanal ka?"

In this very moment, "anu" have no intention in directing to the humans body and vulgarity okay! :P

Second, Sabahan Says NDA. And NGGA is different. People always mistaken us as Indonesian. #TRUESTORY

NDA means don't know, can't or no. (or any relevant to that)

we pronounced it as "en-dak" and Indonesian pronounced it as "eng-gak", so it's two different things! but sometimes we do use ngga in our conversation. 

example of sentence:

#1 " nda bulih bah, nanti mommy marah"
#2 "ko taw kah, si Ugou nda pandai makan tuhau?"

Three, Sabahan call you as boss most of the time. In a typical restaurant scene in Sabah, you're a 'boss', the waiter's a 'boss', the cashier's a 'boss'. Everyone is the boss. LOL I dont know how to explain about this. but this is true.

example of sentence:

Customer: "Boss, tolong kira." 
Seller: " semuanya RM15 jak boss, murah murah bagi boss."

Fourth! Sabahan say "lari ba" when they ask someone to move away when they are blocking their view. This phrase is almost the same like "excuse me, can u please move a bit?" or "boleh tepi siket tak?"

example of sentence:

#1 "lari ba kaw! ndak sya nampak apa-apa"

Fifth,  Whenever you abuse the slang term 'bah', every Sabahan dies a little inside. actually its kinda hilarious hearing the non-Sabahan trying to use the word "bah". It sounds pretty funny and cute at the same time. But when it's overboard, it's kinda irritating. LOL. The word "bah" is used in many kind of ways,

example of sentence         

#1 "Bah, nanti kau turun ah" - asking someone to go down.
#2 "Sadap bah itu ayam, ngada-ngada jak kau." 
#3 "Bah, nanti sya pergi." - in the term of agreement. 

and the most famous phrase of all,

#4 "Boleh bah kalau kau."

Sixth, Sabahan say "miring" instead of condong(slant). Unique much huh? Hahaha.

#1 " Uinah, miring sudah tu TV." (The TV has slanted a bit.)      
#2 "Miring sudah kali otak kaw ni" . ( I think there are some problems in your brain)

Seventh, Sabahan say "Nduu baa" which has equal meaning as "Awlololoo". Usually people says, "awlolololo. kesiannya, demam sudah dia" but in sabahan version, we says "anduuuu baaa....sian dia demam.." understand? LOL

Eighth, Sabahan says "Bida" as ugly or bad.

example of sentence:

#1 "Bida ni tarian dia"
#2 "Punya main bida dia punya parangai!"

Ninth, Sabahan say, the longer you pronounce the vowel, the further it will be.

example of sentence. 

Q: di mana rumah kau?
A: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana di Ranau. 

Q: "Mana si Gojez?"
Q: Tuuu na dakat Jendela.

It's kinda funny isn't it? xD Okay, lets move on.

Tenth, Sabahan says "Bubut", which has the same meaning with Kejar (chase).

example of sentence.

#1 "jangan kaw kacau tu anjing, kana bubut kaw nanti"
#2 "jum main bubut-bubut!"

Eleventh, Sabahan say Apa kau rasa? Rasa oren. this sentence is like saying "padan muka kau". For example in a situation, where your mom asked you do not run around the house, or you will get hurt. But then, you didn't hear what your mom said and you still running and in the end, you really got hurt. So, the mom will said, " Nah kan! sudah sya bilang! Jangan lari-lari bah! nda kaw maw dangar. Apa kaw rasa? Rasa Oren kan."

Twelve, Sabahan say "palis palis" in the meaning of that to push away the bad things. For example when someone says,

"Oh my goodness. Don't drive so fast! Later all of use die!"

then people will answer "Palis-palis!"

Thirteenth, This is kinda rude but, yeah. Sabahan say "Palui" or "Buduh" in the meaning of Stupid or Idiot. 

example of sentence:

#1 "Palui bah kaw ni. nanti kadapatan baru kaw taw"
#2 " punya palui dia, nda pandai gol-gol bah dia tandang"

Fourteenth, Sabahan say "kotoh" , which also have the same meaning as "padan muka" (serve you right!"

For example, someone ask you to be honest when taking the exam, but you still cheat and end up you got caught. so your friend said, "kotoh! sudah saya bilangkan jangan tiru."

So, yeah! Have you learn something today? Actually there are still a lot of words that Sabahan used in their conversation.

If you have more to add on, you may contact me via Facebook, twitter or send it to my email address. xD

Credit to, Unknown source.

Edited, additional information and translated by, Dougnereus.

See ya!

-See You when I see You-


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