My Second time: BB1M.

Monday, March 10, 2014

It has been two years that I studied in UPSI, and also, I have received my BB1M for the second time. 

So, UPSI was distributing the BB1M last week for the Diploma students. As I am currently on my Semester 4 this year, the distribution of BB1M was held on Friday and Saturday, and I went to take it on last Friday. right. lol 

I went to take it together with my friends and seriously we queued for almost two hours to get the BB1M. And this is what happen while lining up. LOL

With Nicole and Len Len. LOLOL :x

With Len Len! HAHAHA. I like this name LOL! HAHAHA. 
We long time never take selfie together hor? Wtf. LOL

With Nicole. HAHAHA!
That expression is priceless! LOL

With Mulok! We hardly take a selfie together, don't we?

And this cutie Egg Pie (Epy). LOL! HAHAHA

Being artistic for a while. LOL :P

This was taken after I have received my BB1M. (was bored waiting for the others) 

And these are the BB1M! A total amount of RM250 for every students. I think the amount are the same like last year. I thought the government said they will give RM300. Credit to Nicole for this picture cuz I have spent mine a day after I got it. LOL. (I'll blog about it soon.)

Alright, I'll stop right here. Ima watch Frozen NOW. SEE YA!

-See You when I see You-


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