Jaysheki the Raven, leveled from 60 to 70.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hey guys. Like I have promised, I am now back after my new character in Dragon Nest has reached the max level cap (actually i maxed my char last three days ago). This is my first record in leveling from level 1 to 70 in just 108 hours (that's around 4 days)! And I got the title "Hardcore leveler" by some of my friends eventually (I am not that hardcore, am I?).

As you have seen in the last post (if you haven't, you may click here), I've reached 60 and that is just the easy part of leveling. But, starting from 60 to 70, that is miserable. Imagine a dungeon that only gives you around 3% per run. And it EXP get lower as you level. 

"How did you level so fast?! Don't you feel bored?"

My answer is, Yes. I do feel bored but endurance and patience are the main thing that helped me to Level in a fast pace. To be honest, My another character (that supposedly to be my main), haven't even reach 70 and I stopped at 63 because I felt sooo lazy during that time and I gave up. Subsequently, I am not that hardcore anyway. *laughs

Just a tip for you guys to level up without feeling bored, remember to turn on some songs while leveling. Like me, I will turn on some Techno remix and continue with leveling. 

To be honest, I didn't sleep well for the past five days. LOL. I awake around 10AM and level till around 7AM and then have a short nap and continue the same thing over again. :P 1 word, ENDURANCE~

Anyway, let us have some memory flashback for my Raven in reaching Level 70. *applause*

Level 60!

Level 61!

Level 62!

Level 63!

and I forgot to screenshot level 64 and 65 - -"

Level 66

Level 67~
 And I forgot again to screenshot level 68 *sobs*

OMG. Level 69! xD

And finally, Level 70!

and here are some screenshots of what happen during my leveling from 60 to 70.

Went for Sea Dragon Nest with Guildies for event. :D

Went for Cerberus Nest.

During my leveling. I solo-ed most of the time. 

And this is what I am did last three days after 70!

I went for Guardian Nest, and of course, It is solo mode. LOL.

Went for Origins hunt.

Went for Memoria I,II and III.

and also, I went for Desert Dragon Practice too! Lol >.>

Typhoon Kim Nest.

I have solo-ed TKN for few times. I died during my first try of soloing TKN, but after few times, I manage to survive till the end without dying.  Quite an achievement for me. xD

Archbishop Nest, and is that 1,075,133? 

I had fun playing this character and Raven is basically the current top DPS(Damage per-second) job in Dragon Nest for now. But, I totally suck in PvP. LOL! Anyway, I'll train harder for my PvP and dodging skills. Alright, before ending, here a screenshot of my Raven, and my baby Paendeo. LOL.

Me, Jaysheki and Paendeo by the Central Observatory. LOL. Paendeo is waving at you! xD

Until next time!

-See You when I see You-


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