iPhone 6/ iPhone Air.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I am now currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100, and I ever thought of changing my phone to the new iPhone 5S. It is not that I am not satisfied or disappointed with Samsung, I still love my Note II just like I love myself.

Looking at the lean and sleek iPhone 5S just tempted me to buy it (but I didn't because I'm not rich enough. wtf). It makes you look more classy with it, don't you think (maybe that is only in my perception)?

Then, I heard rumours about Apple is going to release a new type of iPhone. Like, for real? So I went to search it on Youtube and this is what I found :-

Introducing, the Iphone Air (the Sixth).

This is not confirm yet but there are rumours about the up coming iPhone 6 or the iPhone Air might look like this (the video above).

I KNOW~~~ IT LOOK SO *i wanna say that word, but nvm* LEAN AND SLEEK! BUT BUT, IT'S TOO THIN! I can't trust myself in taking care such a lean and svelte phone. o_o It might breaks in just a few days, or if lucky, few months maybe.

Anyway, the new Samsung S5 looks great too. Should I stay with Samsung? or change myself to an Apple user? Hmm.

-See You when I see You-


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