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Sunday, March 09, 2014

So, Yeah.

I just back to my rented home at Tanjung Malim from Kuala Lumpur around 9.30PM(went to buy some books using the BB1M. I'll blog about it soon. LOL). And something bad happened. The WiFi is not working. Well, I mean, It works when I first came back home just now, I still can surf the net like normal. Yet in all of sudden, when I turned on my laptop (not my laptop fault okay!), after few minutes of surfing the net and the connection down. Lost. Gone. 

So, I thought that my housemate went to reboot the router in the first place (because we usually reboot the router when the line are slow), but I was wrong. the connection down for around 10 minutes, and I got no choice, I have to reset everything and set it up. 

I am quite confused at first, because It looks quite complicated. But, I manage to set it up after analyzing it for few minutes(thanks to my housemates too. *hugs*). And, I changed the SSID for the WiFi. LOL. Sorry, but yeah.
*Critical Low Battery FTW!*

Alright, I'm ending this post now. This is so random by the way. LOL. Night! 

-See You when I see You-


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