BOMOH, The New App in Playstore.

Friday, March 14, 2014

I bet most of the Malaysian know about this Application, BOMOH. If you don't, then now you know!

It was up in The Playstore not long after the humourous act from the "Bomoh" at KLIA in finding the missing flight MH370. Which is kind of embarrassment to my own country. The news has gone viral around the world and other countries are like joking around with it (well, the community in my very own country jokes about it too.)


How did I know about this app?

So, I was awake this morning (afternoon to be exact), and I took my phone (like usual) to look at the time and then log on to Facebook, always. Then, I saw a lot of the posts in my newsfeed about this Bomoh app thingy. So, I went to the Playstore and search for it. I thought it was fake in the first place but then, It true! 

And I downloaded it to try it out. It was still new at this moment. I think it has gone viral now in Malaysia, not sure. LOL. wtf.

This game is basically about the "Bomohs" running around with their flying carpet to save the passengers from the missing plane, and then, you have to avoid from getting caught by Black Garuda. It's an easy game to play though and yeah, I had fun for awhile. I mean. I had fun. wtf. LOL. Good Job to the creator. I think he/she is a Malaysian too? Don't you think? That's in my perception anyway. 
So yeah, It has been downloaded in my phone and I'm ready to try it out :D!
*Shoutout for my screensaver :3* 

So this game have three maps to choose from, either the "Bomoh on the Ocean", "Bomoh on the Sky" or "Bomoh on the street". And you have 3 lives to start with. (quite funny to see the "Bomohs" holding their ritual accessories).

This is the "Bomoh on the Ocean"

And "Bomoh on the Sky"

And also "Bomoh on the street" 

Let start the game. :D

you see that guy over there? you have to avoid the Bomoh from getting hit onto it. All you need to just is just to tap on any of the four lines to jump around.

And you have to bump into these kind of figures to gain more points.

It kinda easy to play with cuz you can increase your health by picking up the health bar that look like this -> (+)

And keep on playing xD

And this is my current high score! :D 

If you're bored or wanna spend your free time off, you may go and download this app down and play with it. xD (yeah. I wasting my time eventually - -" and my Final exam is getting near. wtf).

Anyway, yeah! Have fun playing if you're playing it! :D See ya!

-See You when I see You-


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