Spending my Valentine's Day with Him, Myself.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

How's your Valentine's Day going? Well, It went pretty good for me as I'm having a date with myself :P Hahaha. okay that's a lame one ._. I'm forever alone. bleahs. But whatever. I'm still living happily :P

My whole day was spent for my English Language Camp preparation at SK Proton City, somewhere very near to UPSI New Campus. I then have my dinner at Old Town Coffee after Azira sent me to the printing shop(few shops away from OTC) instead of sending me straight back home because I have something to settle up beforehand. 

This is what I had for dinner! A plate of Nasi Lemak with fried chicken, a cup of Iced Lemon Tea, and a bucket of Golden Nugget. :P Overall cost me around MYR23, Not so bad for a Valentine's day isn't it? :P

Eat well myself! Hahaha! I'm so good in taking selca. WTF.

Selca while munching my food :3 LOL.

Another one! I just can't get enough :P

Then after I had done with my dinner, the waiter served me with a cup of Cappucino Lava Ice-Cream. It tasted so damn good I tell you! LOL.

The ice cream are soft like cotton and with the combination of chocolate powder with coffee beneath, BOOM! Fantastic. 

Done everything and I am so prepared to go back home, take a bath, blog or whatsoever and sleep BUT! Unfortunately, I forgot that I parked my bicycle in the campus(wtf!). Therefore, I have to walk to the campus and take my bicycle back home. My bicycle gonna hate me like crazy. leaving him all alone in the cold and silent campus on Valentine's Day. LOL.

Showing that i'm mad and sad at the same time >3<

While I'm on my way, I saw this beautiful scene. The beauty-full moon brightly shining.

And look how lonely this walkway is. o__o" I can even hear my blood flowing. LOL Jokes. I can't hear that. Just my heartbeats, technically not even my heartbeats are heard. my footsteps. Yes, footsteps can be clearly heard. wtf.

And it is a must to take a shot with the silent walkway. LOL.

Another one~ Really, there's like no one in the campus, at all.

Last one before I end this post :P

So yeah, Happy Valentine's Day! Even though it is 15th Feb already, but whatever. :P 

Tomorrow my course-mates and I will be holding an English Language Camp at SM Proton City. Wish us good luck and all the best! :P Alright, Peace out!

-See You when I see You-


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