Pre-English Language Camp [ELC]

Saturday, February 15, 2014

After 10 weeks of hard work, we're finally getting near to the event. Yesterday was the preparation day for the English Language Camp which will be held in less than 2 hours from now (I should be sleeping but I'm still awake here, blogging. LOL). During the 10 weeks, we have struggled a lot in preparing the proposal, getting the proposal to be signed, finding sponsorship, brainstorming for activities, designs for cloths, banners and advertising, food and beverages, and a lot more. It is not easy for all us, but with teamwork, we manage to reach at this very point. Good job to all of us! :D

Selfie with this Blue star. :D 
People busy decorating i'm busy taking selfie. LOL wtf.

Another one!

And Another one! I just love to selfie with this star. I think I have fallen in love with it. LOL. 

And... another one. LOL. The kid looking at us was like "Wtf?" LOL.

A photo with Nini :D

OMG I TELL YOU, I don't know how many balloons has popped already and it scares me a few times! NO NO! It's shocked me every single time it popped! .__.

Random shot while blowing the balloons :P

Dena! and Me, setting up the decoration.

Setting up the decoration for the archway. :P And the balloons popped a few times here. Every time it popped I felt like i'm losing a year of life ._. wtf.

And, TADAA! Done with the gate :3

With Miss Xanders :D

Setting up decorations for the stage. Lots of balloons has popped. LOL. 

gifts for the kids! 

Packets of food and beverages for the kids :D

and the hampers! The hampers for the Top 3 groups are way too amazing! lots of things are in the hampers!

Last one before I end this post xD

Alright, Its time for me to take a short nap! or else I'll be a walking zombie later on. Good luck to all of us Group B in SK Proton City and Group A who are currently at MRSM Trolak. Let us do our best! See ya!

-See You when I see You-


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