Jog to be Healthy :D

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've started to jog since the day I'm back in Tanjung Malim last week. The main reason is...

 to burn my excess fat! LOL. 

Actually I decided to jog is because to create a new resolution for my Second Chapter of Life, the Twenties (today will be the last page of my First Chapter D:). To keep healthy and of course, all men desire, to have a *cough* good looking *cough* body. LOL. wtf. 

Anyway, Last Monday night was my first try out of jogging in the Campus, after being here in UPSI for almost four semesters. I did 3 rounds, which about 7kilometres. Not bad for the first try. isn't it? :P Never thought I would still have that much of stamina to jog after carrying so many things back to TM last sunday (carrying a 16kg luggage + a 5kg hand carry bag + a 3kg backpack up and down the staircase from KLIA to KL Central and KTM ._. Gosh. AND! Walked back home instead of taking the cab because the fucking driver wanted to compress me in a cab with 3 other strangers. wtf! NO WAY.) 

This was taken during my first try out :P
I look like fucking uncle here. wtf LOL.

and of course, my sexy leg need to have a photo to be taken too. Hahahaha! 

and I went for jogging again yesterday night!

Feeling healthy and sexy yesterday. wtf. lol

Looking hot here, am I? LOL.

So yeah, I'll try to jog when ever I have my free time. To stay healthy is better than to stay fatty. LOL. Wow. It rhymes!

New Chapter, New Resolution, New Life, New Me.

The Life of Dougnereus Jay: Chapter 2

Alright! See ya! :D

-See You when I see You-


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