I'm Officially 20!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

When you are reading this post, I am officially 20 year-old! Happy Birthday to me! Hahaha. The day of me reaching the world of the twenties has finally arrived! I still can't believe it! LOL. Feeling so old at the same time ._.

Guys, I am here to officially announced to you, the end of the first book of Dougnereus Life. Yayy! In the same time, A new book has be opened, with a little bit of changes, The Dougnereus Jay Life: Book 2. Hahaha. sounded like I'm owning a book. Well, I wish i'm capable to publish my own book :P

Mee Suah with Red Painted-Eggs(In the Hokkien tradition, having mee suah or red painted egg is to symbolize a year older and a year wiser. It also symbolize the longevity of life for the Birthday person :D). My mom cooked it for me for my Birthday :D It was cooked for my Lunar Birthday cuz I won't be celebrating my Ang mo(wtf? lol) Birthday with them. D: But luckily I was born on the 4th of CNY, equivalent to the 13th of February 1994 :P, when I first arrived to this world. :P 

My Birthday dinner! Hahahaha! There's my favourite wet Butter prawn! And also steamed chicken! and the soup! Omg. Hahaha. I miss home now ._. 

And this was reserved specially for the Birthday boy :3 Hahaha.

And then, I got another surprise from my friends here in UPSI. I am really grateful to have them by my side. :) Thank You so much!

the Birthday cake for both my friend and I, and they called me Ajusshi ._.

Mulok and I bribed some cake to each other :P So sweet ain't it? Hahaha! 

Another one! Hahaha. Happy belated Birthday Mulok! 

So yeah, I'm finally Twenty! There's a lot of memories in the past few years during my first book. I can barely forget them and of course, I will never strip off these memories from my memory box. Hahaha. should be memories box? Whatever. Bye!

-See You when I see You-


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