English Language Camp(ELC) With SK Proton City.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MEMBERS OF GROUP B! We did it! The camp is a HUGE Success with the help of each and everyone of the members from Group B. First of All, here I want to thank all the members of Group B because without all of you, we won't be getting an A in this subject! Thank you so so much! You guys did a really good job during the camp!

Secondly, I want to Thank iM4U for sponsoring our camp with the fund of MYR2,000! That is a huge amount of money and it helped us a lot! Thank You so so much! Not to forget to the companies and Individuals who sponsored us too! 

Third, I want to Thank Sir Zain who guide us in this camp and also giving us this chance to held an English Language Camp. It is a fresh experience to each and everyone of us. 

Fourth, a BIG Thank you to the Headmaster of Sekolah Kebangsaan Proton City who give us the chance to held an English Language Camp in your school. Besides that, Thank you for trusting us on taking care of the students during the camp. 

Fifth, The kids! These kids are AMAZING! Thank you for giving us your full cooperation during the camp and being so so sporting! you guys are awesome and so so ADORABLE! And to those kids who asked for my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I wish you good luck on finding it! Hahahaha. Love you kids *Heart*

Last but not least, Miss Azira Sarfaraz Ahmad. You, are the best Director I've ever met so far. Thank you so much for guiding us in this camp on what to do, what not to do, pushes us. All you did has bring all of us to succeed in this camp. Once again, Thank you so so soooo much. Much love from me *Heart*

Here are some photos of yesterday! 

Cameraman of the Day. :P

Another of myself holding a camera. Hahaha :P
Taken by Theresa, Camerawoman of the day. LOL.

The few early dovey kids who are registering for the camp.

Aerobics time!

Adan and Safwan doing the Aerobics. HAHAHA :P

Hakiem! A.k.a Luhan. Hahaha. This boy is so cute! EXO Fans :P

I met a lot EXO Fans in this school! LOL. There is a boy from another group was wanting to use the name Luhan, and the boy said, "I want to use the name Luhan, but Hakiem sure use the name too. Ish",
and then later, he use another way of writing the name of Luhan, which he wrote the name Luhan in Korean. Then, another one said, "why you write in korean?! I want to write in korean first!" They are so freaking cute, aren't they? Hahaha. And I met Kris, Kai, Sehun, Baekyun and Suho. LOL.

The kid's masterpiece during the game where of them need to be blindfolded and the other one have to guide them. They're so good at guiding their friends.

The Hyper-active kid, Amir and his partner. 

Me, Mowzar and Fafa. A photo with them before the kids arrive. :P

Me and the Vice President of the Camp, Miss Farsha. :D

Cameraman and the Five girls :P


From Left: Dena, the Host of the day, myself, Faziera, Farsha (V.P), and Azira(President)!

Another one, and Dena left.

With Efa and Farah at Checkpoint 5, while waiting for the kids to arrive.

Mira, Syamim and I. We Look so Elegant, Aren't we? LOL. 

Group 3, The Smurfs waiting for their turn at Checkpoint 1. 

With Luhan, who are concentrating on his Bingo game. :P

Guess what we had for our lunch?

We had KFC and the kids are very happy with it! 

Ashraf, I had fun playing around with this boy. 

Another one of Ashraf. :P He's so cute and that is all I can say. Hahaha.

And here he was playing with me, to see whether If I can snap a photo of his face and I did! And Aimi laughing happily at the back :P

Camera, Action!
Action, GO!

This was during the game, Running Potter. 
Luhan showed peace to the camera! Hahaha!

And then Ashraf did the peace sign too! 

Let the Running-Potter, Begins!
Leader have to protect their tags from getting rip by the other leaders.

Hakiem as the representative for his Group, have to dress up for their Group Best Dress. Looking good huh, Hakiem?

I asked him, "what are you?"
Hakiem answered, "I am the Smurf Warrior!"

I just love their laughs. Don't you? 

With Ashraf. :D 

This boy was the earliest to reached the school. He resembled of my old self when I was at his age, I was the first one to arrived at the school when the sky are still dark.

During the closing ceremony.

Ashraf is looking at the camera again. Hahaha

The Medals for the kids!

These are for the First runner up. :D

The Plague of Gratitude for SK Proton City.

Blockbuster Award Ceremony. 

The best Actor of the day!

and the Best Actress of the day! She's so cute, isn't she?

With Hakiem :D

Group photo with all of the participants!

A group photo with my kids. And Aimi and Faziera. Hahahaha :P

With my boys! Too many camera at that moment. Hahaha.

And the Camp ends with gifts for every participants before they went back home.

Bye little boy!

The Heroes of ELC. Hahaha.

Pew Pew. Hahaha. Anis is enjoying the scenery of the sky. xD

The men of Group B! Safwan just back from Shopping with all his shopping bags. Hahahaha.

Selfie with Adan! Hahaha!

The Amazing Members of Group B! Lots of Love!

And another one before going back :D The others was ready for the Polaroid HAHAHA.

To be honest, I had a lot of fun while facilitating this camp. It's a great experience for me and I am so lucky to have each and everyone of you from Group B. Once again, you guys did a very good job and congratulation guys! We got an A! Love you guys!

I'll end this post with some of my selfie :P LOL.

selfie In the VIP room during lunch.

Selfie at Checkpoint 2. HAHAHA!
Another selfie at Checkpoint 5.

K, bye. :P

-See You when I see You-


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