Blade and Soul [China]

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Hello guys! Since it is still Chinese New Year, so I tried a Chinese game, Blade and Soul! Ya right. Well, frankly it is not because of Chinese New Year la. I have been wanting to play this game since it first released in Korea. Unfortunately, Korea doesn't let other country players to play in their server, and to wait SEA to release this game, I think it will take about one to two years,  and that will be either 2015 or 2016. Wtf. So, to stop my desire from wanting to play this game, therefore I chose to play the China Server (well, that's the only choice that I can choose on right now. LOL!). Well it is not easy to register this game I tell you. I struggled a lot and at the end I made it(because I don't know how to read the Chinese letters. Wtf)! 

And the most excited is when YOU CAN LOGIN THE GAME. 

I remember last time, I downloaded a game called Vindictus. I was so happy that I downloaded the game and can enter the game login page, but when I want to login, it fucking said my I.P address does not support this game. I was like "Wtf is this shit! " and I ended up deleting it, a game that I wasted 5 hours downloading and patching it. 

So, I entered the game and of course, creating a character! The graphic is damn magnificent! 

You see! So freaking handsome right?! LOL.
A Closer look into my character's face. LOL.
So damn shuai sia! Hahahaha!

So done with creating a character, then you will need to choose a name and a server. And the name I chose is, 
剑主源王子! 哈哈哈。。。!
In meaning of Sword Master Prince Yuan,
But actually this is a blade master,
 which is  a 葉片主。
Another one of a closer look of my char. :3

After few HOURS of playing, I finally reached level 4. LOL. If you really adapt into this game, then you will be like me la. Hearing all the stories, walking the huuuuuuuge map(got teleport la, but it cost 2 coins per teleport! Fucking expensive because one quest only give u a coin or 2, or even worst, NONE. Technically very hard to earn money la.).
This is when killing one of the boss in a cave. Currently no AoE skills therefore it is hard for me to kill! Wtf. 

Basically, this game has a very high Graphic and that's what make it fun to play. And every NPCs Talk! With all the talking system, it makes the game easier for me to play as I know how to hear mandarin(yeah, because it's a China game, durh.). But there are few cons about this game. First is that it take a very long time to travel from one place to another new place (because you need to reach that new town at least once to open the gate of teleportation.). And then travels will be easier if you have lots of coins(if like me, it will be slower la because I rather save the coins up instead of spending it on teleportation.), but what for traveling so fast right if you really want to enjoy the game? It is better to Spend your time travelling and enjoy the scenery of the game! Get some experiences. 

Secondly, this game take a very long time to level up. I've been playing for 6 hours and I'm just leveled to 14. It will become harder and harder when your level are getting higher. 

I'll spend few more moment in this game and see what blade and soul can do more. Before I end this post, here are some screenshots of my current character.

On the way to find a NPC for the skills combo training.

The scenery are well graphical. 
If you look closely, it was a Buddha's statue. Hahaha. 

剑主源王子報導! 哈哈哈!

-See you When I see You-


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