3 ways to survive in the virtual world and technologies.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I've received an email this morning at 10.01AM, and It is not a good news to start my day with. I've been turned down by RawrMedia Sdn Bhd for my internship. It is quite dejected to receive this news because I put my high expectation towards this Organization, but unfortunately, I got turned down eventually.

Anyway, here is the article I wrote for RawrMedia. Not really a good one.


By Douglas Shim.

When you’re taking public transport, you can see that most of the people are engrossed with their smartphones and tablets. Human these days have accommodated their time with technologies and the virtual world. Some thinks that living in the virtual world is better than living in the real world.

Why? Technically, in the virtual world, people tend to be more courageous at communicating than being in the real world and that is the fact, because they can plan on what to and what not to say.  Subsequently, it gave others a good impression of themselves.

Yet, there are some people who have the courage to cross over the line in giving mischievous remarks of people’s life – or even worse, others virtual luminary. Sometimes, with the unease judgments from the anonymous, it caused people to commit suicide and this is moderately a disturbance to others, especially the elderly, thinking that the virtual world is quite venturesome.

Aside from the parlous part, try to conceive the bright side of being in the virtual world. It may help you in a lot of way but you have to be cautious with the community in the virtual world.  But everything has their solutions. Here are 3 simple ways to help you to survive in the virtual world:

1. To understand.
Know the difference of what technologies are and what virtual world is. Don’t get confused but technically, these two comes together. See what type of phone you are using. You wouldn’t want to use a Nokia 3310 to survive in the virtual world, would you? Keep yourself updated with the newest technologies and gadgets. Not to forget, you need to update yourself with the social networking and the communication applications too.

2. To adapt.
Learn how to use the technologies. It might not be easy, but knowing a little basic of the technologies may help you to survive in the virtual world. Make yourself to participate in activities that have to use these technologies. For example, in social networking (using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), in online communication (using applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, etc.), or in banking (you may try to adapt yourself in using the online transfer instead of doing the cash deposit).

3. To apply.
Use the gadgets you owned and apply it to your daily life.  Get yourself into the virtual world and utilize what you have adapted to yourself. Constantly use the social networking to get in touch with others or try to make some online purchases once in a while. You may also do some web surfing to find for informations that you need. If you are able to apply it to your life, it will not only enhance your ability in using the gadgets, but also enrich your knowledge about the virtual world.    


It might not be helpful for those who are already into this virtual world, but for the elderly, they need guidance as the world technologies are moving too fast. Yet, it is still up to their choice to either join the virtual community or not. 


P.S: I will not be able to blog from till the early of March because I've a lot of assessments to rush on. This will be my last post for February, and I'll see you in March! See ya!

-See You when I see You-


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