Learning the Japanese language.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Learning foreign languages has been one my hobbies. I love to learn more and understand about the various languages in the world especially the Asian languages like Korean, Thais and even Japanese (So I can have no trouble travelling to these spoken languages countries :P). 

Me myself, living in a multiracial country, I have learned and can speak and understand few languages like, English(technically and obviously it is), Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Hakka(One of the Chinese dialect), Cantonese(Another Chinese dialect), and somehow I can understand Bahasa Indonesia too.

I have been putting the desire on learning the Japanese language for a long time, and I do understand some terms, by watching anime. rofl. But definitely, it is not right to adapt from there to real life. They do have some anime that can be use as the guidance on learning Japanese, but not all. Anime like Bleach(MY FAVOURITE), Fairy Tail(MY FAVOURITE TOO), Naruto or One Piece (I don't watch Naruto and One Piece. :P) shouldn't be used as a reference because the language they used is kind of harsh and impolite for their society. I think the Sensei who taught me, told me about this too.

One of the reason why I love the Japanese language is because of their culture and society. The politeness and the disciplinary of their society and also the cleanliness of their country, it should be commended and serve as the exemplary of humans' life.   

So, the first Lesson was learning on how to write in Hiragana, but because I've been late to the class, therefore I got lagged and can't catch up =3= Moreover I got no mood at that specific moment, Mood swing la, supposedly. wtf.  

The second lesson, I'm quite excited with it, and I learnt on how to write in Katakana. To be bold, Katakana letters are way much easier to write and understand than Hiragana. Like yeah, It doesn't have much fancy writing like Hiragana ~.~ I even make notes on Katakana's.

See! So neat and tidy some more. Hahahahaha :P

Sadly, I think the class is now temporary close as the one who teaching us are having their semester break. It taught by the students from my Varsity. cool right?! LOL. I wish they provide Korean Language course too. HAHAHA.

Basically, yeah la. Learning other languages are fun, cuz you can gain more knowledge right? And also you got no worry when you go travelling. No need scare of getting lost cuz you know how to read the sign board :D Hahaha.  

Alright, blog again soon. see ya! :D

-See You when I see You-


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