It is not easy.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Requesting for help is not an easy task. you need to face all the rejection that you may take. Last Wednesday my friends and I went to Kuala Lumpur, a busy city with traffic jams and speeding vehicles. The main reason going, is not to have fun, but to find sponsors for our camp that will be held in few more weeks from now. It is not easy, indeed, that we have to be very bold and ask for sponsors from them. we approached to few companies and some gave a good respond, and of course some polite refusal (I'll have a look, but to be honest,...).  

Well, we ended up our day with a treat of McDonald. Lolol. 

A formal selca of me. :P

This picture was taken in one of the company that my friend and I approached. I seriously love the lift. A mirror kind. :P Would like to intern here if possible. Hahaha

Mentioning about intern, I am quite worried now. I've found two places of choices, but it doesn't seem promising. Moreover, It is in KL, the cost of living are high that I think the allowance(If they give) can barely cover up the daily expenses. Fares for public transports, foods, accommodation, etc. I remember I called one of the company of my choice for intern and ask about the internship, then they told me to call them 2 months before the intern starts, but then I will have a two and a half months gap of semester break, and I need to confirm it by the end of this February. I am so confused right now. Finding places to intern are way harder than I thought ._.

Yesterday I had my Quiz for Critical approaches to Literature, and indeed, the Quiz are quite critical for me that I barely answer the questions given. Well, I hope I didn't flunk the test ._.

-See You when I see You-


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