Going Back for Chinese New Year 2014!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello guys! I've finally done packing up my things and I'm ready to go back to Sabah(I do not know why my auto correct loves to correct it to Sarah instead of Sabah. Wtf) for Chinese New Year and I'll be departing to the airport later on! And you know what? I am so lucky to get the seat by the window, again(my favourite seat) for few times consecutively. Thank You MAS. Hahaha. :P 

Weeee! I am all ready to go back! Can't wait to sleep on my bed. I MEAN, can't wait to see my parents. Lol. Wtf. Like the Bed is more important. Such a prodigal child. BUT IM NOT!  I'm a very good one :3 right mommy? (If you're reading this. :P)

Okay, By the way, there are few questions that I need to clarify with those who asked me. 

The first question is, "Do you celebrate Chinese new year?" 

- Yes, I do. I'm a freaking Chinese. o.o" (maybe I do not have the look of a Chinese boy to you, do I?)

Second question is, "You're a christian and you've celebrated Christmas, do you celebrate Chinese New Year too?

- Yes, I do. I celebrate both Christmas and Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year ain't celebrated because of the religion but the culture of the Chinese Race itself. It will be celebrated by all the Chinese (Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew, Hainan, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese,  Thailand, Mongolian, etc.) to welcome the change of the new calendar or also known as the Spring Festival. 

-And for Christmas, it was celebrated because of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is two different things. Christian is my religion and Chinese is my Race. Don't get confused.

So yeah. I'll blog again soon once I reach K.K. I should be going to sleep now. See you!

-See You when I see You-


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