Busy with works, Black Pepper Beef.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I've been so busy these few days that I didn't get the time blog about a looooottttt of things! Today Going up and down to find sponsorship and to follow up with them. Gosh. Tiring. And one of the most sad thing is that, when they rejected our application. That's not so sickening yet. This morning, my friend and I went to follow up with the banks(like I said earlier) that we asked for sponsorship, and one of the bank lost our proposal and letters! AND THAT SICKENING ME SO DAMN MUCH. Like for the serious sake of flowers (I don't know why I even say this phrase), how can you lost a formal application of a person/company/whatsoever? It's so unprofessional! And the bank asked us to drop the original version of our proposal to them, and to be colour printed?? How is in the sake of your love that we able to print out a coloured proposal when our original one is in black and white? Moreover, no one drop their original proposal with a company. That is how it works. This is so sad and I am so disappointed with this bank. Not going to mention which bank but it's Definitely not MayBank. I love MayBank so much that I even had my account made there. Lol. That's normal for everyone anyway. MayBank helped me a lot though.

By the way, Yesterday I'd cook myself and my housemates some black pepper beef rice! Unexpectedly, it is a success!!! I'd never been cooking for myself a meal of beefs. Mostly my mom or my friend did and I just become the "tukang makan".

Anyway, this is how I did it :P
Ready up slices of beefs, big onions, black pepper, salt, and everything nice. Hahahaha.

I'd started with putting in some old and saute the garlic, followed by the big onions and then the beefs. Then I Stir fried it for 3 minutes.

After that, I put in the Black Pepper powder and some salt and a bowl of water. Mix it well with the relevant flavors. Hahahaha. Stew it till the water dries out a Lil' bit, around 15 to 20 mins. And...

IT'S DONE!!! It Looks so delicious right?! OMG!  I'm such a talented guy, that I even good in cooking! HAHAHAHA. Self obsessed much. Well, it tasted nice, but I think it would be nicer if I have marinade the beefs. Overall, it's well cooked and can be eaten by humans. Hahahaha.

I still can't believe that I cooked that black pepper beef stew. Lolol. I even cooked  some veges last 2 days. I think that I, myself has improved a lot and still improving. Amen. :P 

Alright, I'll blog again soon. See ya!

-See You when I see You-


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