2014, A brand new Year.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hello guys!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Year of 2014 :D
Lol. It has already been 5 days passed since the New Year, now then I post about it. wtf.

*This won't be a long post cuz i can't upload many pictures cuz the WiFi here in my 2nd home are slow as fuck. lol.


My 2014 starts with a memorable moment.

A photo collage shows how lazy and how fed up I am with the WiFi connection. rofl.

Last year, on the 31st of December 2013, we had a small gathering in our friend's house to welcome the year of 2014! It is a great night indeed cuz I remembered the last two years, I did nothing. Lol.

2012 is because I went for my National Service in Kem Temasya Rimba Templer. I went there on the 1st day of 2012, because the Sabahan have to reach there earlier. wtf. And I spent my whole day sitting on the bed eventually. I cried some more cuz missing my parents, my computer, my games, my bed, foods. rofl wtf. You see how bored and sorrowful the year of 2012 is for me. Another thing! I got cultured shock! LOL. 

 And in 2013, well, not like I did nothing. I had some little fun though. I stayed at my friend's house, celebrating New year in his room. lolol wtf. Hahahaha. and with his family, of course. 

A picture took on the 1st day of 2013, Hahahaha! So cute right? And! And! And! I look so young! LOL. Gosh. this picture has already been a year. time flies so speedily. It felt like this picture was taken few months back only. Well, yeah, 12 months ago. wtf. 

Basically, 2013 can be counted quite an eventful year for me.

Firstly, is that i'm studying oversea. Hahahahaha. sounded like i'm studying in U.K like that only hor. Nay, I'm just studying in Perak, one of the state in peninsular Malaysia and I'm from Sabah. Therefore, I need to cross over the South China Sea in order to reach Perak, am I right? Hahaha. So, yeah. I'm studying Oversea =3=

Secondly, I got my first Samsung product, my current smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy note 2 on April 21st. It is my first time using a huge screen phone and it's quite uncomfortable at first, but I'd got use to it after few minutes. yeah, just few minutes. I'm capable in using new items. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Thirdly, Dean list for my Semester 3, the highest dean lists result for myself among the last three semesters. 

Fourth, I started to blog. I mean, really into blogging. I do blog last time, but not as frequent as now. you know, two posts a month, or even a post a month, or worst come to worst, three months once. rofl wtf. I remember the first time I blog was at the age of 13, when I first enter my Secondary school cuz that time, I had ICT, one of the compulsory subject. Our teacher taught us on how to blog. rofl. I gave up eventually :P Then I do blogging for some games I played like Fiesta Online, Maple Story. Ha.Ha. =3=

Fifth, Celebrated Christmas with my family. I remember last Christmas, two years ago, I celebrated with my sister in Singapore. but not with my parents. It would be great if my parents followed along, so I could buy  and eat more stuff. lolol. Well, Taiwan this upcoming May 2014! <3 nbsp="" p="">
Sixth, Last day of 2013, celebrated with my borneons' and peninsular's friends. Had lot's of fun time together, indeed :P

before I end this post, here are some of the photos that I didn't get to upload it last year. :D

been wanting to upload this picture for a long time, But i didn't get to. Lol. TA-DA! A so-called celebrity trying to hide xD (It was actually hazy during that time =3=)

Hanging out with my friends around the mid of June if i'm not mistaken. I look so cute here! I'm attracted to myself! WTF. Why I never upload this?! LOL.

With Nicole, photobombing my selca. LOL. :P

This was on the plane last October, on the way back home for my  third long semester break.

Having a cup of Veda Blu yogurt Ice cream with my parents. But the picture just me, selcaing with the ugly yogurt ice cream.

I remember this was almost the end of semester 3. Look so damn tired here. LOL.

Having dinner at KFC with my friends, and got the time to took some selca.


Shadow of me and Lennon, roflzomg. The sign he did was actually wanting to show an A. but somehow his fingers are not wide enough. Hahahahaha.

During the Final Exam of Semester 3.

Around the month of October. Selca in the fitting room. wtf. I didn't upload this pic with the post I blogged at Shoppe & Eat De' KL

Last day of 2013, with Imelda, and Photobombed by Epy at the back. LOL

Last but not least, My favourite 2013 Selca! But I didn't upload. LOL. Wtf.

So yeah! Good bye 2013 and welcome 2014! LOL

I gotta off now! In a rush! Rofl. going to church. See ya!

-See You when I see You-


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