UPSI's Home Economic Day Exhibition [HOMEC].

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hello guys! As promised, I said that I'll blog as soon as I have time and now I'm having a leisure time now to blog about something very interesting about yesterday. Hehehe. Alright, Yesterday after my class and had my breakie and sort of that,  my friends and I went to an Exhibition which held by Home Economic students. As I heard, This exhibition is one of the Coursework for Semester 3 students from Home Economic studies and visitors who came yesterday are actually helping them to gain marks in their coursework. So therefore, my friends and I decided to go and give our support to them! :D And you know what? I am attracted to most of the cakes that made by the students from Home Economic!

You see! You see! OMG! So cute right?! Got Pingu, Winnie the Pooh and Minion some more! Hahahaha

 Breads!!! Lolol

With my friends at the exhibition. :D I donno where or what is Farah looking at because she doesn't look at the camera...

Twice. LOL. Maybe something catches her eyes. 

And later, we met Sir Sasigaran who also came over to support the exhibition.

The cake for the opening ceremony of the Exhibition. Someone hand is so itchy I think and went to press the cake and made a hole there - - 

 A group Photo! Hahaha. I need to cut my hair. Damn messy and I don't know how to style it anymore lol wtf.

 Another group photo before we leave the exhibition :D

and last but not least,

A selca of myself! Hahahaha.

This exhibition reminds me of my last semester exhibition for Business English. It is so exhausting but I gained experience from there though. Hahaha. Alright. I'll update again soon. See you!

-See You when I see You-


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