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Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Hello guys!  This will be a very long post with lots of pictures! Hahahaha.

So, yesterday I went for a Musical Theatre entitled "Marrying Me" who directed by Christopher Ling at KLPac, Kuala Lumpur. It was a great night watching their performance and I had a great laugh and somehow, I did get emotionally touched by their acts. Lolx. Especially when the part where Stephanie(the main character for this Musical) spoke the phrase "...With your father, walking down the isle" (something like that, as I remembered. lol wtf.) Not only that, still got few others part that touched my emotion too. Hahaha. anyway, All of them acted so well that I can see no flaws.

If you're interested on watching their performances, You may log on or simply click Here. Tickets are available till the 22nd Of December 2013(While stock last). If you have the time, please grab the chance to watch it and I am sure that you won't regret. 

So here is a brief storyline about this Musical Theatre:-

""Still no boyfriend ah?" With everyone around her tying the knot, ambitiously single Stephanie just wants to say “I don’t.” But her mother and meddling aunt have other ideas. As tragedy looms, Stephanie is forced to turn to an old flame to make her mother’s "dying" wish come true.

With six Boh Cameronian Arts Awards in Musical Theatre between the team, the musical genius of Onn San meets the distinctively Malaysian writing of Mark Beau de Silva in a new musical comedy. Capably brought to life by a powerhouse cast led by Stephanie Van Driesen, it features musical direction by Stephen Tok with choreography by Lex Lakshman Balakrishnan. MARRYING ME is directed by Christopher Ling."


The theatre starts at 8:30pm, so we departed from Tanjung Malim, Perak at around 6pm.

And of course, A selca of myself :P

And we're finally here! we reached at around 7:15pm, Still early, so my friends and I had a walk around KLPac and had some photography session. Lolx

With my friends #1

It was supposedly to be a single photoshoot, but came my three friends. Hahahaha

And it was a small group photo session, and slowly, It became...

A huge one. Hahahaha. 

We are the Semester 4 2012/2013 Diploma In English students! (The other 2 guys are gone and Nicole as the Photographer. Should ask the other course to help us to snap a group picture. lol)

I love this! So environmental friendly. wtf Hahahaha.

I very like this kind of designs, with roots and grasses, trees along. very western look. My taste. Lol wtf.

And here a selca with the roots! wtf. Hahaha. (Lennon failed to photobomb)

Hahaha. Okay, a proper one together, three of us. :D

My coursemate, and also my roommate for the past three semesters. There's a lot things have happened between us. *a moment of silent* Hahahahaha wtf. 


So, the sky is getting dark, and we walked inside to the Lobby and I saw this sign, and it attracted me.

"Arts does not discriminate. Arts For All."

I couldn't agree more with this. Couldn't! Hahahaha.

And we got our tickets!

Selca with the ticket is a must! Hahahaha

This one is so nice! I like it so much! I look so different here! Hahahaha.

With Nicole. How do I look with Mustache? Hahahaha. (I look so short here! who took this picture?! Hahahaha. LOL) 

After walking around, and taking pictures, I finally sat down and I'm sweating!(Because the lobby is so warm even though there's air-cond.)

And suddenly my friends and I felt hungry and went to search for food.

And this is my dinner for the night, A Chicken Mushroom Pie with a can of Coca-Cola Light.

The pie is seriously delicious! and It's big enough for me that my stomach is gorged with it. rofl.


Can you see the fillings? Omg! Damn lot! and It's only MYR 5.50!

The Musical Acts. It's a 2 Hours and 15 Minutes performance. 

A picture with my two friends, Imulok and Epy before going in to the Theatre. 

AND WE GOT IN! *Enjoyed the show for 2 hours +*

and Its ended.

Before we go back, we had a group photoshoot session together.

Marrying Me Musical Theatre, Good Job! :D

On our way back home and I look so exhausted, but I had fun! Hahaha.

A photo with Imelda :D

Overall, this is one of the best Musical Theatre production and I really love the story-line. I enjoyed the show and I can feel the situation that is happening because the actors and actresses indeed put their full effort and empathy in their character. Besides that, I did learn something from this Musical theatre, in where "To Love someone else, you must first love yourself."

*I should have take photos with all of the cast! I am so regret now. LOL*

Appendixes (Pictures without me in It)

Nicole and Epy.

Imelda and Epy.



Lennon and Sir Sasi.

Sir Sasi and his students.

Epy and Imulok in collaboration with Sir Sasi at the back. (Hahahaha)

Nicole, Sitting on the bench. Two toned colour bench that matched her #OOTN. Hahaha.

By The Way,


I can't wait to go back to Sabah this Saturday. Meeting my parents and enjoy my holidays with them. PERFECT. Hahaha. Alright. See you guys again! :D *waves*

-See You when I see You-


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