Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello Guys!

Its new year eve now! OMG! SO SAD. GONNA SAY GOOD BYE TO 2013 ALREADY!!! D:

This year, 2013, Really a lot of things had happened. I make new friends, I lost a person that I love, I shed tears, I laughed, I enjoyed my life in this year and so much more. But memories will always stay as a memories. 

I am now back in Tanjung Malim already. I had been here since last Sunday (didn't really update about anything of me coming back to tanjung malim. lol)

It's 31st of December and I have officially did blogging for 4 Months continuously! That's a great achievement for me(cuz I don't bother on blogging last time)! Well Thank You for all who read my blogs and gave comments. Without you, readers, I won't be here, writing random things. rofl. 

Taking this opportunity, I wanted to apologize to those who I ever make you feel bad or anything. Forgive me kay? I'm a human, I'll do wrong things too :( And also, I forgive those who make me angry or sad or disappointed or whatsoever. Like in the bible said, Forgive and forget. :P *suddenly become so holy* 

Anyway ~~

I'm going out soon to my friend's house to celebrate our last day for 2013 and to welcome the New Year of 2014! You guys too kay! Don't spend your day in room, sleeping, or you'll be sleeping till next year :P and don't shit at 11:59:59pm, or you'll get out from the toilet next year. :P LOL. Joking. =3=

Alright, See you guys soon!


I Love All of You.

-See You when I see You-


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