Back Home for Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello guys. :D

I was back in Sabah last Saturday. cheers for that! Gosh. I missed my bed so much that I immediately jumped onto my bed when I opened my room door. Soft and comfy, so different than my bed in Tanjong Malim(cuz the mattress is thinner and I basically sleep on the floor. wtf).


A Selca on the plane when it finally landed at KKIA T2. 

By the way, there's a story that I wanna share! Hahaha. Kay, last Saturday, when I am on my way to LCCT, I will need to board a bus in order for me to reach there. A normal fare for the bus ticket is MYR10, so I gave the bus conductor a sheet of MYR10 and he gave me back MYR6 for the changes. I am so surprised when he gave me back MYR6, I thought it was supposedly to be MYR10? But I didn't tell him cuz he look like so damn rush. Then, I took a look at the ticket, and its written there, "Staff Ticket".

I was wondering why he gave me a staff ticket and then, I thought of the dress code for the AirAsia's Stewards. What colour was it? Yes! It's black! And I am wearing a black shirt, looking like a steward of AirAsia and that is why they gave me a staff ticket. LOL. (Maybe. that's my perception. HHAHA.Wtf)

I Have the potential look to be a steward! Yes! Hahahaha. 

Not to mention, as I arrived to LCCT, It felt like I am at a bus station. Not to be offensive in my words, but that is the truth. You can see at the picture below.

Peoples stand while waiting for their flight! Not only that, The Airport is flooded with humans. I can bet that there's around 10,000 humans here in the Airport or even more! Not only that, my flight has been delayed by an hour late on that day. It was supposedly to take off at 3:35PM but It got delayed till 4:45PM and their reason is that "Because of the congested flights, the airplane has been delayed for some purposes." Yep. AirAsia. 


Yesterday after Church, my mother and I went for a dinner at Upperstar for a date together. Just the two of us. Actually I was craving for their Baked Mushroom soup that taste no way better than other places(well, DOME's are better. HAHA). Oh! And they designed their interior with Christmas decorations and indeed, it do feel like Christmas though, with Christmas songs playing. :D I found something funny with their decoration, in where they...

Hang the Santa's and the teddies. LOL. 

Smile for the camera!

And of course, My beloved mom <3 p="">

This week will be a very busy week for me and I need to complete my assignment for the upcoming presentation next Thursday. 

Anyway guys, Have a blessed Merry Christmas to all of you who are celebrating it! And Happy New Year (Ima spend my New Year at Tanjong Malim. Sad). Hahaha. Alright. See ya!

-See You when I see You-


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