A random post for the first day of December!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Hello! This post will be very random. lol.

Today is the 1st of December and exactly 25 more days left to Christmas!!! Omg! I'm so excited already! Another thing that make me more excited is, In 21 more days, Ima fly back to Kota Kinabalu!!! Yayyy!!! Can celebrate Christmas with my parents ady! Gosh! I didn't get to go shopping on last Friday because I'm stuck in Tanjong Malim - -" (The truth is I no more money ady actually. lol wtf).

Lately, I don't know why I am more attracted to sweaters. It's like when I go shopping right, the clothing that catches my eyes are the sweaters and jacket. lol. and then Yesterday I saw an Elmo Sweater from a blog that did an advertorial for Forever 21 and the sweater damn nice I tell you! But so sad la cuz Forever 21 only specify on girls clothing. They should just make it Unisex bah. Not fair this only for girls. - -" (Just saying lol. But it would be great if it happens.)

Anyway, Next week I'm going to the Big Bad Wolf! Did you know, they even sell a book for MYR1 Only! wtf. I'm going to buy lots of books but my budget only RM100 only la. If I bought too many books then I don't know how to am I going to bring back to Sabah. lol. Maybe I can donate the books away after finish reading it. lol. I still haven't read the short story for my assignment. lol.

Okay la. i don't know what to say already lolol wtf. This is so random. lawls

Kay! Ima have a movie marathon with my roommate now! See ya!


God. I'm so excited! Christmas is fun! Ima shop for Christmas!

Lol! Enough! Bye!

-See You when I see You-


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