Worrying about the Internship.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Oh goodness, I've been leaving my blog for 6 days. These few days are quite hectic for me (excuses). By the way, Have you guys watched Hunger games: Catching Fire? I'd watched and It is a spectacular movie and it is a must watch if you haven't. I can't wait for the third movie, Hunger games: Mockingjay. I've read the novel (well, just the first 3 chapters and I got lazy because I'm reading it online) and basically the third one will talk about the revolution of districts to the Capitol.

anyway, here goes a picture of myself yesterday! Selfie in the lecture hall.

Take #1

Take #2 

Actually I am worried about where am I going to do my Industrial training. I was thinking of going to CHANEL at Pavillion for my internship cuz I've asked and they said they do accept interns (maybe I should ask for more details about it) but another problem arise is, where am I going to stay? *Sigh*

If I go to CHANEL, I'll be working alone (without friends) under the Public Relation of CHANEL(Maybe, not so sure yet). 

It's kinda sad though that I can't do my intern back in my hometown, so I no need to worry about where to stay, and no need to worry about the transportation too. Oh well, that's the game of life, right? If everything can be done so easily, It sure will tedious one day. Nevermind, I'll just take it as a Quest to achieved my level of life. lol wtf. 

By the way,

Yesterday I went to the Library and the fiction novel section has been moved to the fourth floor(something new) and I found something that I think it is hilarious (for me),

A seat with a hole in the middle. Familiar with something? 
Think out of the box and you'll get it :P

and Of course, a selca with it! :P

Lastly, I took a selca before leaving to the next lecture :P

Alright, Nothing much and Have a good day! #TGIT

-See You when I see You-


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