The Bicycle repairer auntie.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last Monday I went to fix my bicycle back tire air tube cuz it was leaking while I'm on my way to my lectures ._. At first I thought my tire no air la (really no air) so I go pump air after my morning classes and went back home.  When the time I want to go for my evening class, I push my bicycle to the front gate and i felt weird, and my mind keep wondering, why the bicycle so heavy ah? (my thoughts run wild as I even thought of a ghost were sitting on my bicycle. wtf). Then I look at my tire, it was flatted.

So, I went back to the bicycle shop to pump in some air again (It's so damn hot that I keep sweating as I'm on my formal shirt. wtf) and cycled to my next lecture. while cycling, I can feel that the back tire is flatting. So I thought it must be some problems has persisted on the tire. After my lecture, instead of cycling it, I have to push my bicycle to the shop (and it is freaking happening on the first day of my Semester. wtf) but this time I was accompanied by my friend, Tresa( Thank God she accompanied me, if not, I won't be paying them cuz I forgot to bring my wallet out. always - -). When I reached the shop, the owner is not in but his wife was standing near to a old cabinet, therefore she need to help me solve this problem. lol.

Then the auntie helped me to checked on what the problem is, and she told me maybe the tube is leaking. I was keep wondering, "What tube?" and I just replied her ," ah? oh auntie, 你帮我看一下哦". For goodness sake, I do not know that there is a tube inside the bicycle tire. Wtf.

So the auntie helped me fixed it already and it is so heart touching looking at her, fixing my bicycle with her full effort.

See, the auntie fixing my bicycle so diligently. :D

Thank You auntie! If can, I wanna send a flower to you as a token of my gratitude. hahahaha. 

Alright, see ya :D

See You when I see You.


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