Short Story: Untitled.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Title: Untitled.
Original Idea: Y.V,Wong. (KKHS, Secondary 5, 2013)
Edited by: S.W.W, Douglas.

-Part 1-

There was a piece of silence along the corridor. No lights, no sign of living things, nothing but some rotten door along the way. “Help me”, a weak voice passed through my ear. I turned my head to check my back out; it was nothing, but just a peace of darkness. Strangest feeling is that it seems like darkness is coming on its way to hunt me down. “The longer I stay, the creepier I feel. I must find a way out”, whispered me to my heart.

Ignoring the darkness behind, I ran as fast as I could to find a way out. Suddenly, a voice is heard, “I don’t want to die… Help me… help me… You have to save me.” It’s a crying woman who sat down on the floor, mumbling to herself.  I pointed my flashlight towards her. She has a very long black hair, wearing a blue blouse and long dark coloured pants. They are all moulded. I can’t see her face clearly because of her leg, wrapping her up. I approached to her. “Excuse me…? Don’t be afraid, we’ll try to find a way out. Follow me”, I said to the woman. “AHHHHH!!!”, She screamed with fear and crawled to the place where I first came. My heart is devastated for a while when I saw her face, blood flowing out from her eyes. It gave me the guess of that it is not a good sign for what has happened in here.

My mind asked me to follow the woman, but when I turned my head back and she was behind me, mumbling to herself and crawling back and forth. “Is she traumatized?” asked my mind. She is really freaking me out. Not far in front of me, there is a wooden door that actually has a knob. I tried to open it but it seems to be locked. I examined the surrounding to find something to open the door and I saw a sentence written on the wall. “Do not enter”, that is what it is written looks like bloody chiller words graffiti. But I do not have any place to go anymore, but just to walk forward. There must be a way that I can get out of here. I ended up kicking the door and it broke down. I managed to open the door. But then a voice came passing through, “You aren’t going anywhere…” It is the voice of the woman I saw earlier. She is standing far behind me, along with her darkness surrounding her body. Her head facing down, and slowly tilt up, when her eyes looking straight into my eyes and she screamed, “You are not going anywhere!!!”, loud and scary, crawling towards me.

To be continued… 


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